Descent in possibility, limitations from negative culture control

I grew up in a very “socially conservative” or as I call it “constipated” community in Utah.  Most of Utah is that way with a few exceptions.  I was a kid growing up in Utah that was frustrated by the constant negative attitude that came from the presentation of anything different.

I often refer back to the fact that the Mormon church banned black folks from holding their priesthood or being allowed in their temples until 1978.  But not only that, but the fact that unlike most of the other Christian denominations the Mormon church believes that “they are the only true church”, and that “the only way to be reunited with Jesus and/or their Father God is through the Mormon priesthood and no other way”.  Despite what many may think, most Christian churches do not believe that they are the only true Christian church.   But the Mormons do.

Well, being not only a anti-Mormon member of the Mormon church growing up, meaning that my parents had me initiated into the church at the age of 8, but it was a forced expectation, not a willing commitment, which was evidence when they held me down and cut my long locks while I was crying.
But after about the age of 15 I was a cannabis legalization activist, wearing clothing that explicitly said “Legalize Marijuana” or implied it.

I always got the same thing, even from other supporters or partakers of cannabis.  “Utah will never legalize, since the Mormons control things in politics in Utah”.
I always held out hope.  Not only did I hold out hope, but even after getting arrested and “marked” in Utah for being a cannabis consumer, I continued my peaceful activism of wearing promotional t-shirts for the cause  “Cannabis will save the world”, etc.   I went to jail a total of 5 different times, for 3 different arrests (skipped bail a few times), and I never stopped supporting the cause of legalizing it.

Well despite all of the nay sayers and disbelief, cannabis may in fact become legal, even if only for medical use in Utah after the Attorney General recently came out in support of Cannabis for medicine after winning his battle with colon cancer.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff on an interview with Doug Wright of KSL radio, said on June 13th 2011 that he would support medical cannabis legalization in Utah, and would get behind legislation to do that.

This also reminds me of a conversation that I recently had with my long time friend from way back in the day about the topic of “May 21st 2011, the end of the world”.   I spoke about the “plausibility” of a 10th planet, and gave some examples of scientists that support such an idea.   The response from my friend, whom I love dearly, was “that is out to lunch crazy”.

Well low and behold, I found out that NASA found it (years ago), and they even named the 10th planet.

The planet’s temporary name is 2003 UB313

This isn’t just a Utah problem with perspective, but it sure seems to be more obvious there.
I’ve lived in a lot of different places, and Utah seems to have this common collective of “no way” attitude bottled up in that state.

I wish something would get through to Utah in a drastic way.  Maybe part of that will be Mark Shurtleff’s recent announcement.   Or maybe to our dismay, the 10th planet will pop into orbit.  Who knows, but for the sake of free thought and progress, I hope something gets through!

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