Discussion about I-502, Amendment 64, and Measure 80

This is from an online conversation that I had tonight about these three different proposals.
It clears up my position on these issues quite a bit. I think that people need to continue to have these discussions so that the community, the nation and the world as a whole are more informed.

This isn’t the whole conversation, this was in a public chat room but I couldn’t capture all of the data, so the first half of the converstation is missing.
I have been blocked several times recently for commenting on this blog, even though the other claims to be a voice for me. So I captured this conversation, because it illustrates all of the comments that I have left which have not been published in the past when I have left similar comments.


1:26 xcannabis: The biggest problem with I-502 is that it leaves cannabis as a schedule 1 under state law, and insists upon federal cooperation. Cannabis can not be “legalized” when it is still a schedule 1.
1:26 xcannabis: No, alkohollokaust MMJ marijuana is just as illegal as it will be if I-502 passes. Nothing changes, nothing is legalized
1:26 stere0typ3: States have to challenge federal law
1:26 alkohollokaust: so why not just get it legal in another country somewhere. at least they arent subject to the DEA and the federal drug laws
1:27 alkohollokaust: why not get a ballot initiative in British Columbia and have the people there vote to legalize it
1:27 xcannabis: Oregon and Colorado have a great chance at making REAL change. I-502 is garbage
1:27 xcannabis: I support Measure 80, and Amendment 64
1:27 xcannabis: I-502 is regressive
1:28 xcannabis: ending prohibition is the goal, not creating new prohibitions
1:28 alkohollokaust: it cant be any worse than the current law?
1:28 WakeUpDead: looking in from the outside, from Ohio, I have to say that the simple fact a state has legalized, no matter what that may really be, the ord legalize changes a lot of views in a state like mine
1:28 xcannabis: if you drive and use cannabis it can be
1:29 stere0typ3: Brb, it’s trash night. 🙂
1:29 xcannabis: WakeUpDead, how can cannabis be “legalized” if it is still schedule 1 under state and federal laws
1:30 xcannabis: The least I-502 could have done is de-scheduled cannabis on a state level
1:30 alkohollokaust: the one in Oregon and Colorado is failing, so whats next?
1:30 xcannabis: But nope, its still ranked up there with heorin and LSD
1:30 WakeUpDead: I get that butt hats not the point Im making, hte fact a state has “legal” marijuana changes a lot of peoples perception about changing laws here
1:30 xcannabis: WakeUpDead, I have it better in CA than WA will have it if I-502 passes.
1:30 alkohollokaust: there might have to be enough compromises so it has a chance at the ballot box for all the reefer madness people to consider it
1:31 xcannabis: In CA carrying an ounce is NOT a crime, there is no criminal record, no jail time, no arrest. And, whats best is there is no new driving restrictions.
1:31 xcannabis: I am glad that I moved away from WA last year. CA is much better, and will remain that way even if 502 passes
1:32 xcannabis: I-502 is crap
1:32 alkohollokaust: doesnt matter if you can carry an ounce. I can possess a bottle of Crystal Pepsi but where am I going to get it.
1:32 WakeUpDead: It may be crap but at least its something
1:32 WakeUpDead: looking in from my state I would take it
1:33 xcannabis: CA has the best of both worlds. Its not like it has EVER been tough for me to get ganja, even at age 15 living in Utah. but in CA, we have MMJ dispensaries AND decrimed ounces
1:33 alkohollokaust: the only think California has going for it is easy green cards.
1:33 alkohollokaust: I hear anyone could get a card so its pretty much legal already.
1:33 WakeUpDead: I think some out west forget what its like in states like mine with no medical laws no anything, its a big deal to get the word legalize out there
1:34 xcannabis: thats not the ONLY thing CA has going for it. Ounces are not a crime for ANYONE here, and with no compromises in making new driving restrictions
1:34 xcannabis: WakeUpDead, I grew up in Utah. Trust me, I know the difference
1:34 xcannabis: Utah is a NO TOLERANCE state
1:34 xcannabis: Ok, anyone over 21 anyway
1:35 xcannabis: The ACLU says that their exit polling for Prop19, shows that people would have voted for it if there was a driving restriction. Wrong, because just after Prop19, CA decriminalized an OZ without new
1:35 xcannabis: restrictions
1:35 alkohollokaust: I think marijuana users should have their own state. Its like the jews in nazi germany and needed a state so they created israel. There needs to be a state where marijuana is legal
1:35 WakeUpDead: I hear you but too many times and for many many years now I feel many out west have no clue what the rest of the nation goes through,
1:36 WakeUpDead: I agree with that but then again not all can just up and move
1:36 alkohollokaust: decriminalized is useless cause theres no legal way of buying it
1:36 xcannabis: WakeUpDead, you are right. But I know the difference, and I just got arrested for protesting in Utah recently for legalization even though I live in a state where its legal
1:37 xcannabis: I have been working on getting cannabis legalized for longer than Russ Belville has.
1:37 xcannabis: A lot longer
1:37 xcannabis: But I-502 still sucks
1:37 WakeUpDead: ok
1:37 alkohollokaust: is there any part of I-502 thats better than the current law?
1:38 WakeUpDead: the word legalized is a bigger deal to states like moine than what the law really says, thats all Im saying
1:38 xcannabis: If you break it in to sections alkohollokaust the answer is yes. The decrim of an OZ is good. But I-502 is a package deal that creates new regressive restrictions
1:39 xcannabis: WakeUpDead, its just a word. “Legalized” is not even a remote reality with I-502
1:39 alkohollokaust: how come in the commercials, they keep saying “regulate marijuana” rather than “legalize marijuana”?
1:39 xcannabis: Words don’t mean shit unless they have substance. And I-502 makes stoners look stupid.
1:39 WakeUpDead: people here dont know that, it about perception my friend
1:39 xcannabis: because it isn’t legalization alkohollokaust
1:40 alkohollokaust: like amendment 64 in Colorado. They called it “Regulate marijuana like alcohol” instead of “legalize marijuana act”
1:40 WakeUpDead: to show those not supporting change that see we can legalize they did it so can we, its that simple
1:40 xcannabis: The perception that cannabis is legalized, just because NORML said so? Most of the USA has never heard of NORML. The proof is in the puddin. I-502 does nothing more than CA has already done.
1:41 xcannabis: And if its still schedule 1, under state and federal laws, its not even close to legalized
1:41 alkohollokaust: would Amendment 64 allow storefronts?
1:41 xcannabis: OR rescheduled cannabis last year, the least I-502 could have done is consider that
1:42 WakeUpDead: ok, your missing my point, Im sorry you dont like the bill, I get why you dont, but I have a diffrent view living here and I know a state legalizing just in words alone changes people minds about it
1:42 alkohollokaust: why is I-502 polling so much better than the other initiatives if I-502 is that bad?
1:42 alkohollokaust: it doesnt make sense.
1:42 xcannabis: Yes A64 allows for industrial hemp, as well as store fronts
1:43 alkohollokaust: I dont know if theres enough support. they might come up short like prop 19 did
1:43 xcannabis: alkohollokaust: because the founder of progressive insurance who has the exclusive market of SR22 insurance (DUI insurance) has put millions of dollars into the campaign.
1:44 alkohollokaust: so I-502 is evil disguised as good?
1:44 xcannabis: You have to go through Progressive if you live in WA and want SR22 insurance.
1:44 xcannabis: “so I-502 is evil disguised as good?” It sounds great to prohibitionists who know they are losing the war.
1:45 xcannabis: I-502 is being touted as “strict regulation” to the general public. And that is exactly what it is. Its a new approach to prohibition
1:45 alkohollokaust: is theres so much opposition I-502, why doesnt the NO on I-502 have any money
1:45 xcannabis: So of course, the prohibitionists will vote for it. And the pro-cannabis consumers who are blinded by the word legalization will vote for it
1:46 xcannabis: “is theres so much opposition I-502, why doesnt the NO on I-502 have any money” Because we don’t own a billion dollar insurance company
1:46 xcannabis: Look at how many prohibitionists support i-502. Federal prosecutors, FBI directors, police unions. LOTS of prohibitionists LOVE I-502
1:47 xcannabis: They love love love love it
1:48 xcannabis: One of the biggest supporters, John McKay who locked Marc Emery up for five years and who said after the sentencing “He got what he deserved”.
1:48 xcannabis: lots of prohibitionists love I-502
1:48 alkohollokaust: what about the Colorado and Oregon marijuana bills. If the people love freedom so much, why are those bills doing so poorly at the polls
1:48 xcannabis: And lots of cannabis activists who are trying to stay relevant with NORML are supporting it.
1:49 xcannabis: Colorado is doing pretty good. Oregon is underfunded. In fact they are both underfunded.
1:50 alkohollokaust: so why did the marijuana activists throw all the money at I-502 instead of the other better bills?
1:50 xcannabis: The polls I have saw about A64, shows it winning by a small margin
1:50 alkohollokaust: prop 19 was leading in the polls all the way up until the last week
1:51 xcannabis: alkohollokaust, during the two petition drives we did with Sensible Washington, we collected HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of signatures. With very very little funding.
1:52 xcannabis: The ACLU (the proponents for I-502) rejected Sensible Washington’s initiatives publicly, and refused to support legalization. Like they have for 70 years
1:52 alkohollokaust: doesnt the ACLU also support amendment 64 in colorado too?
1:52 xcannabis: Now why did the pro-legalizers in WA put money into opposing I-502? You mean the ten thousands dollars? Thats nothing
1:52 xcannabis: “doesnt the ACLU also support amendment 64 in colorado too?” I don’t know
1:53 xcannabis: Im talking about WA ACLU specifically though
1:53 alkohollokaust: do you think prop 19 wouldve passed if that same bill was in Washington
1:53 xcannabis: For 70 years, the ACLU has watched the carnage of prohibition and has never once even supported a legalization initiative. And even spoke out against them like with I1068 and I1149
1:54 alkohollokaust: they probably didnt even know there was legalization initiatives before
1:54 xcannabis: “do you think prop 19 wouldve passed if that same bill was in Washington” it would have been close.. prop19 had medical providers against it, and that is a big populace in CA.
1:54 xcannabis: “they probably didnt even know there was legalization initiatives before” They knew, and they publicly spoke out against them
1:55 xcannabis: Recently even
1:55 alkohollokaust: how is the public opinion on legalizing marijuana in other states? Compared to California?
1:55 xcannabis: Polls are saying we have over 50% of the USA behind legalization
1:55 xcannabis: But I dont know state to state
1:56 alkohollokaust: which poll? Its hard to imagine the entire country behind it when it couldnt pass in california.
1:57 xcannabis: I think that Russ’s comments are silly about cannabis patients opposing legalization. He never berated or chastized the ACLU for opposing legalization.
1:58 xcannabis: And when he is criticizing these patients, he never gives them credit for collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures for FULL REAL legalization
1:58 xcannabis: I have gotten tired of Russ’s politics
1:58 alkohollokaust: do you like Russ? he supports I-502 you know
1:59 xcannabis: Which poll? The gullup poll from Oct 17 2011.
1:59 xcannabis: “do you like Russ? he supports I-502 you know” Russ has been very rude to me personally, and to many people that I know.
1:59 xcannabis: He makes for a lot of infighting
1:59 xcannabis: Calling names
1:59 xcannabis: Ridiculing people who disagree with him
2:00 xcannabis: Do I like Russ? Not everything. But he’s a smart guy.
2:00 stere0typ3: Yet you continue to show up and listen to him. Must be doing something right. I’m off to bed. Later folks
2:00 xcannabis: a lot of the infighting during prop19 originated at the NORML stash website
2:00 alkohollokaust: its not enough for stoners to vote, all the parents scare about their kids need to vote for it too. Thats a huge uphill battle for them to be convinced to vote for legalization.
2:01 xcannabis: stere0typ3, you mean “the voice of the marijuana nation”. I have tuned in to Russ’s show about 6 times in the last year to find out what my voice is saying to the world
2:01 xcannabis: LOL
2:01 xcannabis: Voice of the marijuana nation? He’s not my voice. But I am sometimes morbidly curious about what he is saying while representing me
2:02 alkohollokaust: whats the difference between prop 19 and amendment 64
2:03 xcannabis: Amendment 64 closes a lot of loopholes that could negatively affect patients
2:05 xcannabis: However, don’t get me wrong. I was very much in favor of Prop19.
2:06 alkohollokaust: Im looking at Intrade and it says that I-502 has a 70% chance while the one in Colorado only has a 45% chance
2:06 alkohollokaust: the Oregon bill is way down to only 20%
2:06 xcannabis: I made a series of youtube videos and blog posts giving my support to Prop19, which caused me some grief with other activists, but I stood strong.
2:06 xcannabis: Those numbers are WAY different than what I have saw. Way way lower.
2:07 alkohollokaust: What do you think about I-502 polling so much better and the bills in Oregon and Colorado failing so badly?
2:07 alkohollokaust: how can this be?
2:09 xcannabis: money
2:09 xcannabis: rich insurance company owners dumping millions into the campaign
2:09 alkohollokaust: it got nothing to do with money. Its not the money talking, its the people talking
2:09 xcannabis: just like prohibition in the 1930s, it was money that funded the campaign against marijuana given by big businesses with vested interests
2:10 alkohollokaust: I-502 was already polling high event before all those ads
2:10 xcannabis: Do you think if there was no money to put against prohibition in the 1930s that the USA’s number 1 cash crop would have become illegal?
2:11 alkohollokaust: so how come prop 19 had 10 times more money than the opposition and still lost?
2:11 xcannabis: I-502 had been paying signature gatherers, and Alison Holcomb to do outreach for a long time before those ads. Alison had been on TV dozens and dozens of times promoting I-502 in press conferences
2:11 xcannabis: But beyond that, WA is in favor of legalization, which is why Sensible Washington was able to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures with no money.
2:12 alkohollokaust: dont the people know whats going on?
2:12 xcannabis: legalization is popular in WA. its not the initaitive that is popular, its the term “legalization”
2:12 alkohollokaust: how come they arent using the term “legalization” in the ads
2:13 alkohollokaust: instead they say regulate and tax marijuana
2:13 xcannabis: alkohollokaust. No. This is the BIGGEST initiative for cannabis law reform EVER written. its 65 pages. No one reads that, or understands the lingo. Sensible Washingtons initaitive was 9 pages.
2:13 alkohollokaust: who wrote I-502
2:13 xcannabis: You’ll have to ask them about that. My guess is they are appealing to prohibition and fear. Not liberty
2:13 xcannabis: Lawyers with the ACLU
2:14 alkohollokaust: Rick Steves is promoting I-502 and he always says using marijuana is a civil liberty
2:14 xcannabis: Lawyers who stand to lose their career when cannabis gets fully legalized. Sensible Washington scared those lawyers when they almost got legalization on the ballow.
2:15 xcannabis: Rick Steves also compares I-502 to what is going on in the Netherlands and Portugal. Which is far from correct. He is obviously confused
2:16 alkohollokaust: one of you is lieing. All I get is conflicting arguments
2:16 xcannabis: Ive spoke with him in person several times. I like him a lot. But I don’t like his misinformation about whaT i-502 is. He is clearly misleading the public when saying I-502 is like the Netherlands
2:16 xcannabis: don’t believe anyone. read it
2:16 xcannabis: Read it for yourseslf
2:17 alkohollokaust: the only difference is the coffee shows allow smoking instead and the regulated stores with I-502 dont
2:17 xcannabis: I read it, and I instantly rejected it after about the 4th read. Its huge, and hard to understand. But if you start looking at it closely, its cryptically written, and that explains why it is 65 pag
2:17 alkohollokaust: they had to write it that way so it has a better chance at the ballot box
2:18 xcannabis: thats not the only difference. first of all these countries removed a lot of criminal penalties, without making new ones, and make a clear way for stores to exist by taxing the income and NOT the wee
2:18 xcannabis: weed
2:18 xcannabis: yea, they had to write it in a way that would not get read by most voters.
2:19 alkohollokaust: is it just the duid part u dont like?
2:19 xcannabis: When a country, state or municipality taxes marijuana, they are breaking fedral law and several international treaties, when they tax income that is not breaking treaties and federal law. which is wh
2:20 xcannabis: which it why I-502 will not have retail stores, AND because the state is regulating these businesses through the liquor board
2:20 alkohollokaust: what international treaties?
2:20 xcannabis: The single convention treaty of 1969 specifically, and a few others
2:21 alkohollokaust: so does that basically FORCE countries to keep marijuana illeagl
2:21 xcannabis: What did I not like about the DUID laws? WA already has sufficient DUI laws, and Reckless driving laws. WA did not need new laws, they needed more education.
2:21 alkohollokaust: who enforces that treaty? Whos going to invade America just cause of marijuana?
2:21 xcannabis: yes, in some ways it does force these countries to comply. Which is why it hasn’t been fully legalized by the Netherlands and Portugal.
2:22 alkohollokaust: but whos enforcing it?
2:22 xcannabis: Well the USA created these treaties, we could break them at any time. but its just another excuse they use.
2:22 xcannabis: the USA could penalize other countries with trade, aid, and military support
2:23 xcannabis: If the Netherlands legalized weed outright and broke the treaties that they agreed to, the USA could put trade tarriffs on those countries
2:24 alkohollokaust: so why doesn Portugal or the netherlands just say you, we dont tell you how your marijuana laws should be, dont do that to us
2:24 xcannabis: same with states that are subservient to the feds
2:24 xcannabis: I don’t know why they don’t assert their sovereignty. But it usually has to do with money.
2:25 alkohollokaust: what happened to countries SOVERNTY? Cant the citizzens of those countries decide what works best for them???
2:25 xcannabis: They can I suppose. But what happens to their economy if they USA puts trade tarriffs against them? Maybe they are considering that too. I dunno
2:26 xcannabis: I can’t assume what other people are thinking. I just don’t personally like I-502
2:26 alkohollokaust: they might get more from jobs, tourism and tax revenue
2:27 xcannabis: I have supported EVERY legalization initiative that I have ever encountered. Spent 10s of thousands of dollars supporting them, printing shirts for them, renting an office. But I totally reject 502.
2:27 alkohollokaust: what other legalization initiatives were there before prop 19
2:27 xcannabis: Alk, that may be true. but it also may become a similar situation with what happened between the USA and Cuba. There were travel tarriffs put on Cuba too.
2:28 xcannabis: I-1068 in Washington is one that we printed out and gave away for free over 100 shirts, and that came before Prop19
2:28 alkohollokaust: what year was that
2:28 xcannabis: 2010
2:28 xcannabis: But we geared up for it in 2009
2:29 xcannabis: We bought a screen printing press, and a vinyl plotter, and spent a shit load of money supporting I-1068
2:29 xcannabis: And like I said, we supported prop19 too
2:29 xcannabis: Then I-1149
2:29 xcannabis: Now we are also support I-514, Amendment 64, and Measure 80
2:30 xcannabis: So there is 6 that we have supported, I-502 is the only one that we reject
2:30 alkohollokaust: why did prop 29 fail?
2:30 alkohollokaust: prop 19
2:30 xcannabis: you can see on my website the ones that we have supported. www.xcannabis.com
2:31 xcannabis: Pro19 failed because of a lot of reasons. Lots of older people who do vote and hate marijuana, and lots of cannabis patients who didn’t want prop19 to mess with their MMJ because of poorly written
2:31 xcannabis: sections
2:31 xcannabis: Our website started in 2008, before Russ was hired on at NORML. Ive been at this a long ass time.
2:32 alkohollokaust: do you think amendment 64 will pass
2:32 xcannabis: possibly, it has as good of a chance or better than Pro19.
2:32 xcannabis: I hope it passes
2:32 alkohollokaust: what if it fails and the one in oregon also fail?
2:32 xcannabis: Measure 80 probably wont.
2:33 alkohollokaust: are the people in oregon just anti marijuana legalization
2:33 xcannabis: What if? Well, I am kind of tired of state initaitives. I want to see it be repealed on a federal level. Im less concerned about the state issues now, than before. HR 2306 is a great piece of
2:33 xcannabis: legislation
2:34 xcannabis: ‘are the people in oregon just anti marijuana legalization” Again you have older people who do vote, who grew up hating marijuana their whole lives. Because of propoganda. the young people don’t
2:34 xcannabis: vote much
2:34 xcannabis: that is why I-502 will probably pass, because the older people who hate marijuana are voting, and the younger people aren’t
2:34 alkohollokaust: does changing the federal law start with the states first
2:35 xcannabis: Not always. Look up the case of Timothy Leary Vs. The USA. that got marijuana legalized nation wide for almost a year
2:36 alkohollokaust: when was that
2:36 xcannabis: There was not one state that had marijuana illegal at that time, and when federal law against marijuana was repeal, it legalized it for everyone.
2:36 xcannabis: 1969
2:36 xcannabis: I think it needs to happen at a federal level first, as I have aged.
2:36 alkohollokaust: why didnt anyone protest or do anything when they weere about to make marijuana illegal
2:37 xcannabis: Federal law causes a lot of problems for states. Like the commerce clause. States can’t legalize mariuana because federal law trumps state law.
2:38 alkohollokaust: so what could be done to change federal law? why not allow federal ballot initiatives
2:38 xcannabis: Who says that they didn’t protest. But the USA does not have nationwide referendum like most democratic countries do. So if the president says “executive order” there is little anyone can do
2:38 xcannabis: The USA needs referendum nationwide. Thats why I support the National Initiative for Democracy. www.vote.org
2:39 xcannabis: The current president could end prohibition with one stroke of his executive order pen. Completely defund the drug war overnight. But he refuses.
2:39 xcannabis: Obama is a puppet
2:39 alkohollokaust: 100 million people need to go to washington dc and just storm the capitool like they did in egypt!
2:40 xcannabis: the usa, land of the sheep? i dunno.. maybe some day
2:40 alkohollokaust: and demand that marijuana be taken off schedule 11
2:40 xcannabis: Marijuana is so widely available, most people don’t consider that there are about a million arrests a year for MJ
2:41 alkohollokaust: where is marijuana legal
2:41 xcannabis: Probably just places like Rwanda. I dunno
2:42 alkohollokaust: will the feds back off once more than half the states legalize medical marijuana
2:43 xcannabis: yes, they have already started. the DEA announced in November 2011 that it plans to reschedule cannabis. Giving it to big pharma as a schedule II
2:43 xcannabis: it hasn’t done that yet obviously, but that is what they are talking about
2:44 alkohollokaust: what do you think about marinol or sativez
2:44 xcannabis: when cannabis becomes a schedule 2 thru 5, it goes directly to big pharm, just like cocain did. Cocain is a schedule II drug, it is legal. But try getting it without a prescription.
2:45 xcannabis: Marinol or sativex, they are too strong, and too un-natural.. The side effects I have heard are not pleasant.
2:46 xcannabis: once big pharma gets its hands and money on cannabis, they will NEVER let it be legalized.
2:46 xcannabis: big pharma already owns over 150 patents on cannabis
2:47 xcannabis: All they need now is for cannabis to be rescheduled, and BAM they have their newest money making product.
2:47 xcannabis: They will never let the general public get their hands on it.
2:47 alkohollokaust: what would your reaction be when amendment 64 and measure 80 fails? and if I-502 passes?
2:47 xcannabis: I would be traveling to Washington to visit friends and family a lot less.
2:48 xcannabis: I mean a lot less.
2:48 xcannabis: I may never go to Washington again, I may just tell people that if they want to visit, they have to come visit me in CA.
2:49 xcannabis: But I will still continue to work on legalization, and obtaining more liberty in general, even if that is the case
2:49 xcannabis: I won’t vote for politicians that want to see me behind bars (Obama, Romney)
2:50 xcannabis: what will you do if thats the case?
2:50 alkohollokaust: whichever one passes, I want to move there
2:50 xcannabis: Even if it’s I-502?
2:51 xcannabis: You would have it so much better in CA.
2:51 xcannabis: CA has already done all of the good things that Washington is trying to do with I-502, but without any new penalties.
2:52 alkohollokaust: yes, i just hope theres going to be storefronts, if not then california just to try and get a green card
2:52 xcannabis: You would be better off in California or Oregon. In fact, an ounce is decriminalized in Oregon and something like 13 other states. Washington isn’t doing anything new except adding more penalites
2:52 alkohollokaust: decriminalization means nothing if I have no way of buying it
2:53 xcannabis: Mark my words, and remember this next year. There will be no legal recreational store fronts in WA if I-502 passes. Won’t happen. I am sure of that.
2:53 xcannabis: decriminalization means nothing if I have no way of buying it”
2:53 xcannabis: I’ve bought cannabis in about 35 states in the USA, with little problems
2:53 alkohollokaust: how easy is it for people who arent sick to get medical marijuana cards ?
2:54 xcannabis: I don’t get why its such a problem for some people to get cannabis.
2:54 alkohollokaust: where did u buy it? from an area that looks like detroit
2:54 xcannabis: “how easy is it for people who arent sick to get medical marijuana cards ?” I don’t know anyone who can’t benefit medically from cannabis.
2:55 xcannabis: “where did u buy it? from an area that looks like detroit” Heck if you have problems buying it, or safety issues. Check out Silkroad on the internet. You can buy it online, and have it sent to you
2:55 alkohollokaust: where do you people get marijuana off the black market? Where do you find the dealers? I never seeen any dealers anywhere
2:55 xcannabis: If you are interested in what im talking about, just look it up.
2:55 alkohollokaust: whats Silkroad??
2:55 xcannabis: look it up
2:55 xcannabis: It would take me an hour to explain
2:56 xcannabis: I run into stoners everywhere I go, I don’t go to shady dealers. I look for dreadlocks and tie dyes man
2:56 alkohollokaust: what do you ask tem?
2:56 alkohollokaust: where do you find them?
2:56 xcannabis: I asked them if they want to get baked> if they say “sure” I say, “Ok, its on you this time.”..
2:57 alkohollokaust: how are you supposed to know theyre not an undercover copand how do they know your not an undercover cop?
2:57 xcannabis: Where do you find dreadies? All over man. I don’t know how to explain it. with 40 million people using cannabis, its not hard to find.
2:58 alkohollokaust: what do I do on silkroad?
2:58 xcannabis: I don’t know, I guess they don’t know either. Either you trust someone or you don’t.
2:58 alkohollokaust: is this a website
2:58 xcannabis: “what do I do on silkroad?” I don’t know much about it. Look it up on youtube.
2:59 xcannabis: About 30% of the USA uses cannabis. I have NEVER known it to be difficult to find weed in ANY state Ive been too.
2:59 xcannabis: When people complain about “I can’t find any weed”. I wonder to myself “What kind of douchebag is this person”? Weed is EASY to find.
3:00 xcannabis: I don’t endorse getting weed illegally, Im just saying its possible, VERY possible for just about everyone.
3:00 alkohollokaust: where r u finding it? ?
3:01 alkohollokaust: Dealers dont advertise, everything they do is secret, no stores are selliong weed
3:01 xcannabis: I have a green card, or I ask my friends up the road.
3:01 xcannabis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXau06UlsEY
3:02 xcannabis: Ive never lived in a place where I didn’t have at least one neighbor that smokes weed.
3:02 xcannabis: Not even in Utah.
3:02 alkohollokaust: do you go to the poorest areas with burnt u buildings and shootings everywhere
3:03 xcannabis: Seriously, I have always had someone within a block of me who smokes or sells weed.
3:03 alkohollokaust: somewhere that looks like Camden or Detroit?
3:03 xcannabis: I have no idea what you are talking about. i don’t live in areas like that. I don’t know much about it.
3:03 alkohollokaust: isnt that where the criminals and black markts are?
3:03 xcannabis: Most of my neighbors are living in half million dollar houses, and several of them smoke weed.
3:04 xcannabis: “isnt that where the criminals and black markts are?”
3:04 xcannabis: I dunno
3:05 xcannabis: Do you need to go to the ghetto to buy weed? I guess if you have no friends, that is one option. Or you go to a place like Silkroad.
3:06 xcannabis: But your underling point is. “I-502 creates store fronts, so support I-502′. But it will not create any store fronts. I promise that.
3:06 xcannabis: If there is a store front created by I-502, I will eat this keyboard
3:10 xcannabis: Ive made about 10 videos with this prediction about I-502. There will be NO STOREFRONTS with I-502. I stand by that.
3:10 xcannabis: I’ll feel dumb if Im wrong. But we shall wait and see.
3:13 xcannabis: i wonder if they pro-I502 side who has been insincerely telling people that I-502 will create storefronts will feel dumb if they are wrong? Will they apologize for being wrong?
3:13 xcannabis: I doubt it.

This is from the “Voice of the Marijuana Nation’s chat room on Ustream.tv”, I use this content under the fair use act.
To learn more visit the references below:

Thanks for considering and reading ALL initiatives that you plan on voting on one way or another.
I know I-502 is HUGE, in fact the biggest marijuana reform initiative to date. But if you are concerned about this topic either way, please read ALL of it!

See the related links below for more informaiton.
Read the full initiative @ http://sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/initiatives/i502.pdf

fact correction:

1.  Progressive Insurance isn’t the only SR-22 insurance provider in Washington, they are however the largest.
2.  SR 1449 in CA decriminalized cannabis for 18+.  I stated 21+, but I stand corrected it is 18+ (without new restrictions on driving or anything else.

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