Dispensary idea

I got a great comment about opening a dispensary. 
Lately I have had a lot of questions about what it would take to open a dispensary.

I have had a lot of people talk about the cost, the laws, and I got one very unique comment was about what a good marijuana market should be.

The person (and I won’t name any names, you’re welcome to claim this only if you want to) writes me with this lovely idea:

I was thinking of a place where one could rent a space by the day or whatever period he required
to market his product.The owner would only be a landlord to all the vendor/producers. People would have choices and supply would remain steady.
Such a system (though vastly more sophisticated than my rather thin description) would lead to competition amongst producers and eventually the kind of reputation enjoyed currently by the wine industry. Will Spokane become the home of The Providers Cup?
Just thought I’d share a thought or two, since you asked.

As to your question:   Will Spokane become the home of The Providers Cup?

I certainly hope so!

The concept of such a free and competitive market for this new industry would be all beneficial.

  • People will still get their weed.  After all, prohibition is still strong and marijuana is the wealthiest cash crop anyway.
  • Patients will get their medicine  (and at a competitive rate, unlike what we see today)
  • And the tax payers will see the local and federal treasuries grow again.

I spend about $300 per month on my medicine.  I have receipts from the dispensaries.    I am treating cluster headaches, and I don’t share my medicine with anyone.   I can only imagine that a cancer patient, or someone with MS would be consuming 3 times or more marijuana than I do.

Not everyone can grow weed due to one circumstance or another, and I am grateful for dispensaries that are operating now! 
But I do like the true co-op/farmers market idea a lot.
One thing that I would want to know is what kind of refunds are offered.  How are those refunds handled?
Should the co-op/landlord keep the profits made from the sales, for the duration of the refund/time period?

Certainly that is one thing that people do pay for at a dispensary, is the ability to receive quality meds, with some sort of guarantee backing it.

One thing that the cops reported about CHANGE in Spokane, when they shut them down was this:   “We were aware of people returning to CHANGE to get a refund on low quality medication”.

The one thing that the police and the news didn’t report, was that if a patient wasn’t happy with their meds, CHANGE would weigh what was left, and offer an exchange for an equal amount or get a refund for the difference. 
That is good business!  Why wasn’t that made clear in any of the interviews I wonder?

This puff goes out to CHANGE.  You guys made a lot of difference for CHANGE around here!
We miss you!

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