Don Skakie Speaking at Hempfest 2012 about I-514


Initiative 514 to the Legislature needs 241,153 valid signatures by December 31 2012 for consideration by the Legislature in the January 2013 legislative session. It could then be accepted as written and made law immediately, or would more likely appear on the November 6 2013 ballot for a vote by the People either with or without an alternative written by the Legislature.

You can read the Full Text of I-514 as it appears in the public record on the Washington Secretary of States website here:

Divisions emerge over pro-pot initiative at Seattle Hempfest

““I’m actually sad that Hempfest isn’t embracing this as sort of a pinnacle of the work that they’ve been doing for so long,” said Alison Holcomb, campaign director for the I-502 campaign. “There have been so many people who have worked literally for decades to have a chance to begin to roll back marijuana prohibition … and this is the year that we can finally break through that wall.””

THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU ALISON OR THE ACLU EVER SUPPORT ANY ** REAL ** LEGALIZATION INITIATIVES BEFORE THIS SHITTY I-502?   You don’t care about legalization, you care about making money from defending people against criminal charges.  Alison Holcomb, you are such a lawyer, and that is NOT meant to be a compliment!

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