Doug Hiatt with a solid message about I-1149

I watched a video Doug Hiatt speaking about the final weeks of signature collection for I-1149.

Doug’s message is simple, powerful and true.  We ALL have the power in a people’s initiative.  We all are leaders!  We are leading the way to cannabis freedom, each volunteer!

In the background you’ll see on the left of the video the box of gear we sent from Emerald Sun to the volunteers of Sensible Washington.   There are several contests for the most signatures.  You’ll want to go to to sign up as a volunteer and get info on how you can score some of this historic gear, and most importantly how you can make history and declare your freedom through getting I-1149 on the ballot this year!

This is the contents of the box we sent.
We are also sending the signatures that we found that we hadn’t sent in. So if anyone still hasn’t sent their signatures in, like we haven’t yet. DO IT NOW! No time left to wait!

You can also write to Jared Allaway @

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