East Side Sensible Washington petition contest for April

Whoever gets 100 sheets full of valid signatures (meaning all information must be correct, such as signed in the right place, the correct abbreviation for county, no duplicates, etc) we will give each of the volunteers (the first 10) a gift package worth $120 with shirts, hemp soaps, and other cool hempy items. The person who gets the most signatures by the end of April will get 2 of these gift packages and 1 Sensible Washington keif box made by Mr. Keifbox.
sensible washington raffle
Donation to Sensible Washington Volunteers by www.Emerald-Sun.com
Please spread the word, applies to the east side of the state only.
Contest end April 30th 2011, you must be a registered Washington voter to participate, all signatures must be from valid Washington voters, with no duplicates or errors.
Sheets MUST be turned in to Kimi or Ryan to qualify.
This donation comes from the team at  www.Emerald-Sun.com
If you would like to donate, or help the cause please contact us at:
1-888-644-3872   use extension 707 for Ryan or extension 708 for Kimi
Or use the contact form below.   We also provide a donation button on the bottom toolbar of all of our websites.
We will do a contest every month until June for the east side of Washington.
We know it’s not much reward for all of that hard work, but this is a way to commemorate all of your hard work.  There is enough prizes in each package to split between friends.  So if you would like to work together, that is cool too. 

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