Emerald POS still helping dispensaries, with freebies

We are still operating Emerald POS (www.emeraldpos.com), in hopes to help dispensaries and lower operating costs and set up costs.

We started Emerald POS when the police in Spokane started misinterpreting the language  in I-692, where the police were saying that “one patient at any one time” meant you can only ever provide to one patient if you are a provider. 
The law of I-692 provides language that states that a provider can provide to a patient, even if the provider isn’t a patient them self, as long as the provider meets certain criteria.  See more at this link I-692 Full Text.

So we recoded some opensource / freeware software that is really great software  (www.PHPPointOfSale.com).   Our version included the ability to add patient documents and photos, as well as a Time/Date stamp that would be placed on a receipt at the time they start the transaction, and when they end the transaction.  We also recreated the layout and graphics, making it more touch screen friendly.

We have several upgrades still in the works for this software.  But we have also been using OpenBravo for the last few months in our own store.
At the Emerald Sun Design Studio we are using a 15″ touch screen system, which is exactly the same unit as the Opal System @ EmerladPOS.com.

OpenBravo is very touch screen friendly.  It even has a restaurant module built in for waiting tables (optional). 
The reports are amazing, it creates barcoded labels for your products, and has the ability to use scales.
There is a long list of features.  But we are impressed by the security, and the flexibility of the software.
You can use the same secured database in multiple locations, such as a warehouse or a second store, or even do management functions from home.
See the features here:  http://www.openbravo.com/product/pos/functionality/

For a dispensary, this software is invaluable, yet it is free and the best part is that it is opensource.
If you need something add to this software that isn’t already there?  Pay a developer.  How do you find one?  There are many places on the net to find a developer.  I often use Craigslist so that I get someone local, and qualified.

We work primarily with open source software in our business.  We have many computers that run CentOS 5.1 (Linux).
On the computers that are running Windows, we use a variety of OpenSource software, such as OpenOffice, GIMP, and others. 
Our website’s include software from WordPress, which is also OpenSource.
On EmeraldPOS.com we offer two OpenSource software’s for free.  PHPPointOfSale (with our upgrades), and OpenBravo (as-is).

Both of these POS programs are used by many, including software developers, and store owners.  There are thousands of professional users of these softwares.  But why OpenSource?  Is it because it’s free?   My answers are this.

  1. OpenSource software is open, and able to be modified by anyone.  Even redistributed.  This makes usability increase because there are many more developers working on it, than a private for-sale software.  The more developers the better!

OpenSource is economically friendly since the cost is much lower than private for sale software, usually OpenSource software is free.

But it mostly comes down to the community.  Supporting other developers and store owners in refining usable and scalable software.

Now some people like private for-sale software.  Which is fine, and we do offer the option of installing QuickBooks POS, or Microsoft (Dynamics) POS for the retail cost of the software.
But the two softwares that we offer and support are OpenBravo and our version of  PHPPointOfSale based on these having more scalability, usability and features than in other software.

Some of these medical marijuana dispensaries have chosen to go with other brands of paid software.  We respect that.  But my warning is this.  If it isn’t opensource software, someday the developer is going to move on to something else, or die.  Will you have the needed upgrades and support?

What if the next generation of operating systems comea out?  Not all XP software is compatible with Vista as is right.  So that next generation of operating systems will need to have software upgrades for the POS system that you are using.   With OpenSource, you can ensure that your POS system will be usable forever, because if nothing else you can pay a developer to upgrade your software.
But more than likely, you won’t have to, because 100,000 other people need the same upgrade and one or more of them will get the job done and give it to the community for free.
With private for sale software, that is usually not an option.  For-sale software is typically closed source, and no one else can improve it.

For example, you can’t pay someone to modify the core files of your Adobe Photoshop.  Wny?  Because it’s not OpenSource.   You have to depend on Adobe to make those upgrades.  With this smaller developers that close their source, and reserve their exclusive rights to the software, they don’t have the longevity that Adobe or other software developers have.  Let’s face it, most companies don’t last beyond their first 3 years in business.   Can you trust that you’re developer will be in business as long as you need him to?  Probably not.

Im not going to name any of these developers.  They have great sales agents though.  I just want to give people a different option, because we want to help keep dispensary costs down.  We love the dispensaries, we just hate the high prices on their meds.

Im glad that I vented that.

Now as a little advertising for EmeraldPOS.com   So far, none of our competitors can beat us on hardware prices.  With our hardware, you can install ANY POS software.  Our hardware comes with Windows XP, Vista or CentOS 5x (Linux) installed.  You choose the Operating System and the POS system.

For example on our prices we offer a Industrial POS computer from HP (high end POS equipment), with a 15″ touch screen monitor both with 3 year replacement warranties (The HP rp3000 PC has a 3 year, 24 hour response ON SITE business warranty included), it comes with a barcode scanner (5 year warranty), Thermal Printer (2 Year replacement warranty), cash drawer, and standard peripherals for $2199 with free shipping.    To get the same thing, without all of the warranties from our competitor, you’ll pay over $2600 after shipping, and if you want the warranties it will cost more.  The HP Onsite Business warranty is very valuable, but our competitors don’t even offer that.   See this link:  http://slu2.com/?ei

Anyway, I just wanted to be very clear in my intentions.  We are here to help, not to increase the cost of business or make things harder than they need to be.

We love cannabiz and we would love to see MORE of it!!!   So let us help you set up your cannabiz.

If you want to test our POS system at Emerald Sun Inc, come on down to  9423 North Division St.  Spokane WA.

If you need promotional material for your cannabiz, Emerald Sun is a Design Shop, and we do all types of print media, including shirts, signs, business cards, brochures, etc..   We also offer our own line of hand sown (by us) patchwork clothing!

Happy Trails!

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