Emerald Sun is setting

For a short time, Emerald Sun Design Studio is going to be resting.

We opened up with much ambition to see laws change in Washington, we have had high hopes of this and we have given away over 40 t-shirts to promote the cause.

But after learning that we have been passed by on so many local t-shirt deals that are cannabis related, or legalization related.  We have decided to leave the activism via t-shirts up to other t-shirt companies. 
Adam, our former editor, started up a t-shirt company shortly after we did, and it seems he is doing a lot for the movement and as recently printed out 500 t-shirts for a cannabis legalization supporter.  Adam says that he will be opening up a shop, and the whole 9 yards.
I wish Adam, and others that are involved in printing promotional material for the cannabis legalization movement, the best of blessings.  I hope that Adam, and others, will have courage to display these t-shirts that are promoting a free-cannabis message proudly in their store fronts, and proudly around town where ever they go to!  I hope every one of those 500 t-shirts sell out. 
I also hope that the I-1068 shirts that Sensible Washington just released a few weeks ago get worn everywhere!  I posted earlier on where to pick those shirts up.  You can also go to  www.SensibleWashington.org for more details.

We need a lot more signatures for I-1068, please get involved!   That is what I will be doing with my free time that I am not dedicating to the shop.  I will be hitting the streets and gathering signatures.  I figured that it’s the best thing to do, since I’m not making much progress with Emerald Sun.   We opened to help the movement.  But we are now closing to help the movement.  I know, it’s ironic.

We will still keep  www.Emerald-Sun.com open online and we will continue making our custom threads and accessories.  We have plenty of hemp items available.  Custom patchwork clothing hand sewn by our famous Kimi, and we have plenty of unique paintings hand painted by Kimi.  Our I-1068 shirts, and our other designs will remain available online.   We’ll also see you all at  HempFest 2010!    We will be re-opening as a cannabis cafe in December!

Thanks for everyone’s support!

For a celebration of i-1068 we are selling the stock of our I-1068 shirts for $4.20 each while they last!


The I-1068 - 420 Special

BTW-  If anyone is looking for commercial real estate to open a dispensary/co-op/seed shop, etc..  Our rental is transferable, and it comes with a variance to run a dispensary or a medical marijuana business.  Contact me if you are interested;  info@xcannabis.com


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