Emerald Sun rises again

We have had a few set backs.  Including a move to a new home, plus going to jail in Utah for protesting. 
But we are back in the battle, and we are as strong as ever. 
We are looking for an attorney in Utah to help fight these charges.  We are looking for a 420 friendly lawyer that we can trust.
I called the list of NORML lawyers, but I didn’t get anywhere with them.  They all live too far away.

Please contact me if you have any leads on a good attorney

Also we have dozens of new products in at  Emerald-Sun.com
We have beer steins with ganja themes, we have had dyed tie dye shirts, and many new hemp designs, including dog leashes, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

We put our add at CannabisCulture.com, we love what Marc and his crew is doing.  Marc is a very brave and conscious person.  Props to Marc!

Here is our ad:

Emerald Sun Clothing and Hemp

When we first started xCannabis.com, we were deeply inspired by Marc, Jodie and their staff at Cannabis Culture HQ.

This is a video that I made when we kicked off xCannabis.com

This was made August 31st 2008

Please support Marc Emery, and if you are in Washington please support I-1068.
Lets free our world of fascist laws!

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