End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

When we say “the government needs to tax us because they need to fund A, B and C” all that we are doing is giving the government a blank check to install more tyranny.   Whether we are talking about the drug war, or foreign wars, or whatever else.   Giving the government a blank check is a bad idea no matter how we look at it!

This is my video blog on this topic.


I have been censored and censored over and over by liberals on this topic.  Suggesting that the government can not fix our lives and take care of us from cradle to grave seems to be so absolutely appalling to many liberals to the point where they think censorship is the only logical reaction.  Rather than publicly debating the topic, many of them would rather just block and move on.

I have made a lot of commentary why I think that giving the government a blank check is a bad idea.

Before we empowered the government to write a blank check on whatever they want, without even having the money in the treasury, we had a much better system.   We had less in poverty, we had less income disparity, we had more people employed, we had higher standards for education, and higher standards of affordable medical care BEFORE we consented to socialism.   I propose that if anyone does an analysis of what we had before 1913, to what we have now, the differences will become very obvious.  Yes we still had social issues to over come at that time, and we still do now.  But those issues were working themselves out and I believe it would have gotten just as far with ending things like racism, and sexism, without government intervention.   We saw people like Frederick Douglas rising up and making something of himself, without government intervention, and I think that was a trend that was gaining wind behind it’s sails in the mid-1800’s and beyond.  But regardless of that, economically we were doing so much better before we gave the government a blank check.



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