Even at the convenience store

Even at the convenience store, people are hesitant to admit it, but eventually fess up to being pro marijuana.

One guy acted like I was crazy talking about weed in public like that.   I told him more about I-1068, and I could sense he was more at ease about what I was talking about.

I explain it to people who are working for a living, like myself.  “It will increase the value of your job, when the tourism, and the sales of marijuana start actually benefiting the community a little”.

I think for businesses, tourism will increase when WA is the first state to legalize marijuana.  I mean even if California legalizes, WA will still be first in many things.

People will come here and to California, just like they travel to Holland and Jamaica, Canada, etc..

Local and foreign business will flourish from this, and the local community will see a lot more jobs out getting filled as the people get freer.

Farmers, distributors, grow equipment, smoking utensils, and 8.9% tax just like on everything else sold in a retail environment.  
Medicine will still be a tax write off Im sure.  So medical marijuana will still have it’s place. But there will be a whole new side to this too, which shouldn’t hurt medical marijuana business, in fact it will probably help it a lot!

There are something like 12,000 medical marijuana patients in Spokane now.  (I could be a little wrong on that number, but I know last fall, there were around 8000 cannabis patients, and there have been a lot more sign up since then).

But think if there were 8 times that amount of potential customers from the black market that already buy marijuana regularly.  Many of them would be tourists.

I don’t know if this is what other people are thinking too.  But I suspect there are a lot of people that are already savvy on this idea, including our government.

But the best thing about I-1068, is there is no restrictions.  Meaning an adult can grow, possess, transport and sell any amount of marijuana.

Now people think “oh this is going to be devastating to our community”.  But how?   With there being some 40 million cannabis consumers in the USA (probably a lot more, thats just as many as who would admit to it on a governent survey), where are all of the devestating problems?  No one died from using too much weed last year, or any other year.  I did a report on how cannabis doesn’t seem to impair your driving like alcohol does.

Cannabis is much safer.  So like Colorado, Washington needs to campaign for a SAFER alternative to alcohol which DOES cause major damage to our communities.  The entire USA needs to stand up for our rights!  So that we are not borrowing money from China to stay afloat, allowing them to buy the USA one loan at a time.

We import hemp from China and sell it in the USA, but our famers can’t grow it legally??!  What?

This all need to be righted for our children and their children.  The survival of this world depends on crops like hemp, which are FAR more productive than trees, and take only one season to grow.  Hemp produces 4 times as much pulp as the same acreage of trees.  Trees take 20 years to grow, hemp takes one season to grow.  Not to mention all of the processing of greenhouse gases that hemp would sustain.  Like Jack Herer would probably say, Hemp is critical to human survival.

Bless up Jack Herer!  Let your wisdom and determination never fade away!

Jeffery Miron

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