Facebook bra color message leaves many at a loss

Most people know about the breast cancer awareness message that was being posted by millions this week. 
And now it appears most everyone knows what the bra color message was about.

But many are at a loss for what this does for breast cancer awareness.

I found a few links on the net that have a good report on this phenomenon and echo my confusion about “what good did this actually do”.

For example, I had people who I know dearly remove my “cure for cancer” message on their profile, despite that at least 3 of them have lost a parent to cancer in the last 12 months.

One blogger writes about and quotes some news sources in regards to the bra color message:

Despite apparent good intentions, the lighthearted tone of the message and the resulting ambiguity of the viral campaign rubbed some the wrong way.

I’m vomitously sick of a serious illness like breast cancer being reduced to twee pink ribbons and strollathons,” said Lisa Takeuchi Cullen at True/Slant. Pressing further, she advised her readers to “boycott the Facebook color viral trendlet.”

Cullen’s suggestion was echoed by a small but growing contingent of Facebook groups and pages similarly titled “I Don’t Care What Color Your Bra Is … But I Still Support the Cause.”

Other journalists attempted to analyze what the trend said about the evolving world of social media and its role in promoting specific causes and advancing real goals.

“Here’s the thing,” wrote NPR’s Shereen Meraji, “I changed my status, but I don’t know anything more about breast cancer or how to protect myself against it. Is this another example of ‘slacktivism,’ virtual activism with no real results?” she asked.


I tend to agree with the pink ribbon comment.  It similar to the whole colored wrist band BS.

If you want to send a real message, how about you research Cannabis For Cancer, and post about the CURE for cancer, instead of just trying to bring awareness to the problem.  Yes there is a problem, most people just don’t realize that the problem is called “The Controlled Substances Act”, and it makes the cure for cancer absolutely impossible to do effective research and treatment.

Cannabis CURES cancer.  Post about that, you’re bra color really isn’t as useful or effective without something to go with it.

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