Facebook’s bra color breast cancer awareness

Today many people on my facebook list were talking about colors in their status, such as “white and pink” or “green”, “black”, etc..

I looked it up and the common consensus was that this was for breast cancer awareness.  Girls (and some guys unwittingly) were posting their bra color.  This was a massive response for a good cause.

This is what I posted on all of my friend’s profiles:

About the bra color, breast cancer awareness thing….Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Color on Facebook

(BTW- I think if I had boobs, Id be wearing a green bra today, just cuz of the fact that
cannabis is green, and it cures cancer).
Here is my 2cents. There IS a cure for cancer,
and it’s a natural one that God gave us, an herb
non-the-less that everyone knows about….
Read Genesis 1:29. &

It’s one thing to draw awareness to breast cancer, but don’t these people know that there is a cure for cancer?  I would think that if they did, they would be posting on their profiles about it, instead of only their bra color.

I hope that people will put on some common sense, and start fighting for the cure that is classified a “Schedule 1 Drug” and according to the Controlled Substances Act in the US, can not be used for medicine and does not have any medical properties.  
The Controlled Substances Act is totally backwards, and it is obvious and well known that cannabis is good, safe, and effective medicine!

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