There is no doubt that this man greatly inspired me and taught me things that no one else could. I have been a different person, as if though something is missing, since he passed away in 2008. What do I do with myself I wonder. All of those memories of talking politics late at night with my father while we watched old war or old cowboy movies. Nothing compares to those times, not even this wonderful memories that he has left me with.
As a father myself, I am blessed by his undying ambition to become better, and to provide for his family better. He was never satisfied.
As a father I am also blessed by his many mistakes. Which I know he beat himself up over. Trying to not make those same mistakes myself has been a driving factor in my ambitions and fears.
In the end, a terrible cancer ripped him away from me in the blink of an eye. And the glue that kept our family together, quickly revealed how important he was to keep that glue strong.
Here’s to the father’s out there who stand on their own now, without a father to guide them through life. The struggle is real. Keep your heads up!
Being a father is a gift. I am so proud of my children!
#happyfathersday #fathersday #cheers

Here is my little family in this video that my wife and kids made me. I am so richly blessed!


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