Fighting Against Dumb laws, Im letting my MMJ recommend expire

In this broadcast I talk about how many dumb laws effect our every day lives without us even knowing. I talk about how many thousands of new laws are put against the people in the USA every year. I mentioned Chris Williams in Montana, who just got convicted and faced 45 years mandatory minimum and up to 90 years as I understand it. He will serve the rest of his life in prison despite obeying state law, and selling a product to patients that has never killed anyone.

What bothers me is how we can all agree on liberty and how prohibition is wrong, but we let little things like special rights for one group or special rights for another group divide our causes to gain more liberty. That is why I am done with special group rights. We are all created equal in this country, we don’t need special rights, we just need the liberty and natural rights guaranteed to us by the constitution and by the creator. If we stand for liberty period, all other efforts are covered.
Its when we start dividing in to “Im for these special rights, thats my cause” or “Im for these special rights thats my cause” we lose track of the ultimate goal which is liberty for all.

I refuse to consent to dumb laws. I intend to fight prohibition and unconstitutional regulations on the federal level.


Historical reference:
My perspective on Medical Marijuana in March 2012

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