First Sensi Life Cannabis Church in Spokane

Today at 10am in Spokane @ 1312 North Monroe St. we had our first Cannabis Church meeting aka Sensi Life.
Today it was just me and my family, the sermon for today was a basic introduction to the concept of cannabis church and what it means to me.

I spoke about the apostles and prophets and how most of them served time in jail, and went through many hardships to stand up for their faith and their God.   I read out of the “Complete Jewish Bible” and “The Living Torah” to demonstrate the topics at hand.


At the end of the session I lifted up those in prison, and petitioned to get books and stamps to prisoners.  I expressed my intention to start a prison ministry.


If anyone wants to volunteer or send provisions.

Calendar for upcoming meetings and events at:


This is the entire sermon on video for today;

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