Fourth of July report from Reverend Ryan

We had a great time at Riverfront Park in Spokane

I was able to freely speak my mind at the Tea Party assembly at the park today (without a permit).  That was refreshing after going to jail for the doing the same thing in Utah a few weeks ago.

I also spoke to Ozzie Knezovich who is running for re-election for the office of County Sheriff.  I am convinced now that I will not vote for this man.
He is a fanatical supporter of this “Drug War” and I can not stand for that.

This is an email that I sent to the sheriffs campaign directors:

I spoke to Ozzie today about ending prohibition and what his opinion is on that.
He cited a lot of statistics from the Netherlands.  I made this video to rebuke these false claims.

I will campaign against anyone in favor of prohibition. 
I think Ozzie is a nice guy.  But if he plans on “protecting and serving” the people of this county, he must realize “The Drug War” is not a war on drugs.  Its a war on the American people.

This is my response to Ozzie

Ozzie should check out “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition”

Thanks for your time!

Ryan Thompson

There is currently no one running against him.  However, there is some unrest with a lot of his deputies, and there was a potential candidate that decided against running former Sheriff Mark Sterk.

I will say this, that if Mark Sterk runs next time on a campaign that includes ending prohibition I believe he will have a lot of support.

This is the news report on the complaints and the political movement within the Sheriff’s department:

This is the list of candidates running. Click Here

I will be writing them and asking them all their stance on prohibition.  It looks like many of them are running as republicans, so I can almost predict the responses from them.  But because Ron Paul renewed my hope in that party as a whole, I will give them all the benefit of the doubt.

Happy Freedom and Liberty day!

More references:

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Lifetime prevalence of heroin use (ages 12+) 2001 1.4% 0.4%
Incarceration Rate per 100,000 population 2002 701 100
Per capita spending on criminal justice system (in Euros) 1998 €379 €223
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