Free at last?

Respect and love for the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is sad that some must give all for their cause, but I thank God for those who do.

For the civil rights and racial equality that Rev. King fought for and made so much progress, and for all of his community service.  My fullest respect goes to this man!

Another man that fought hard for civil rights, long before Rev. King, was Marcus Garvey in the 20’s.

I made a video about Marcus Garvey a few weeks back.  With some Bob Marley (lyrics that quote Marcus Garvey).

I like what Mr. Garvey says at the end of the video  “Liberate the minds of men, and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men”.

Mr. Garvey was an innovative mind in philosophy, business, and in being a true leader of his generation.


There is a lot going on in the news of marijuana law reform.  I recommend staying tuned to the NORML SHOW LIVE Civil Rights fight of the 21st century.

See the Marcus Garvey video here:


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