Freedoms arent free – Defend your freedoms!

Freedoms aren’t free (it’s true) – Defend your freedoms!

You’ve heard the saying “freedom isn’t free“. That is becoming more and more expensive each and every day.
Using counter surveillance, and the latest technology xCannabis is documenting and fighting the current tyranny!
The government has their voice in the media.  The government has it’s influence over local laws.
Since the government isn’t submitting to the will of the people, such as how a state can make a law and even though constitutionally it should be

Image by sillydog via Flickr

respected by the federal government..  The federal government ignores cannabis legislation in 13 states that have decriminalized marijuana in one way or another.

That the federal government has become immune to the call and the will of the people.  It is time for the people [we the people] to raise their voices!

To watch the full Alex Jones/Barry Cooper interview see this:

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