From a cannabis advocate: “We all agree regulation is needed”

During a conversation today about my rejection of the new medical marijuana bill that is being proposed in Washington currently, someone said to me:  “We all agree regulation is needed and that the current status quo sucks.”

Who says “We all agree” with this?   I don’t.  Ron Paul doesn’t.  Many logical people do NOT agree with this.

I am not going to re-iterate what I have already said about this dozens of times.  I will just post this clip from Ron Paul as he has a great chance of being President in 2012.    This is from a Doctor’s prospective and lends a lot more credibility to this topic than 90% of the cannabis advocates out there, whether medical or otherwise.

For more info visit:

Notice what he said about the first US prohibition against marijuana. They did it through regulation and taxation, because they didn’t have the authority to tell us what to do in our personal lives! Reminds me of these new medical marijuana bills that are being introduced!

This was my video LONG before the state started messing with medical marijuana in Washington state, my opposition to regulation has been consistent:

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