Frustrated with our laws and our hiearchy

I can’t hide it, I am becoming more and more disappointed by the system we live in. Just a few facts and this may help you understand why.

  •  Our GDP per year is less than our debt.
  • We have more people in prison in the USA than in anywhere in the world. The statistics are somewhere close to this. We have five percent of the worlds population. Yet we have 25% of the worlds prison population.
  • Our leadership is becoming more and more corrupt, and getting away with it.
  •  Its strange yet obvious to me now, that we still live in a monarchy.

References point by point.



I wonder Mitt Romney is related to John “Lackland” Plantagent (British King 1199-1215ad)

This is why I favor libertarianism over what Romney or Obama, or any of the ‘establishment types’ favor (crony capitalism & socialism which are very similar).

In a libertarian society you can voluntarily and legally be a socialist.  But in a socialist society it is mostly illegal to be libertarian.

Libertarianism does not mean -no government-, it just means a more restrained government and respect for personal liberties.

This is an excellent speech that Ron Paul gave on the matter, of how libertarianism tolerates other philosophies and is very respectful of other beliefs.  Where as socialism is very intolerant of competing ideologies and such.

Ron Paul- Socialism in a Libertarian society vs Libertarianism in a Socialist society

This is a productive, and advanced society that practiced libertarianism and a very pure form of it at that, and they lasted this way for almost 1000 years. Ancient Ireland>

But there are many different varieties of libertarianism. That competition in itself is a demonstration of the free market and how it balances out struggles in society. Most libertarians work well with other libertarians, being that so much of their beliefs regardless of what you believe in many areas are similar and the same in many cases. One thing seems to be accepted by all formats, is that personal/civil liberties, and personal accountability is key to a free society, and libertarians tend to believe based on historical and modern day research that libertarianism and capitalism are a stronger driving force for innovation and productivity than is socialism.
But then there are the ‘social-libertarians’ or whatever that means. But they tend to believe in both socialism to some degrees, and libertarianism in regards to personal liberties.

This link may help sort it out a little.
All I know is something needs to change, and as far as the presidential election is concerned, Romney and Obama are both on the same payroll.  Just follow the money!

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