Gay Open Carry Activists – Happy ending

I typically do not use the two terms “Gay Activists” and “Happy Ending” in the same title, or in the same sentence.  But in this case it is appropriate.

Several days ago, I wrote about the Gay Open Carry Activists that went to Capitol City Pride in Olympia Washington and were thrown out and banned from that event, as well as a group that had nothing to do with the demonstration.

So to sum it up, the Libertarian Party of WA was permanently banned from the event as well as the activists that I featured in my last article about this.   Reference;, and Capital City Pride and their discrimination against Civil Rights at own protest.   The two groups were separate and unassociated, other than they apparently have similar political ideology, but the LPWA was no demonstrating with this group, or organizing for this group, or participating with this group’s protest.

Fast forward to the next week at Seattle PrideFest where the same group of people were treated with an abundance of love and respect.   I am attaching from pictures that I found on one of the activists wall  Ref  Devyn Hembry

This also goes to show that police are just people too, some good and some bad.  The police in this photo get a lot of respect from me.

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry
Seattle Pridefest Open Carry
Seattle Pridefest Open Carry
Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

I am still looking for the full details, or an article by a local news source.  But I have only found a few bits here and there.  This story just came out of the activists facebook wall, whom I am now friends with, and I have the deepest respect for these fine folks.  But Im sure more will come out soon.  This is HUGE.   From hate and bigotry at one Pride Fest, to Love and Respect at the next one just down the road not far.  What a wonderfully diverse world we live in, where we can learn from other’s so easily and often.

Ref more news coming soon;


Also these are a few interesting facts that I learned from the article at the Libertarian Party of Washington’s website about their political stance on gay rights.

The Libertarian Party;

  • Has supported gay rights since its inception in 1971;
  • whose 1972 presidential nominee was gay;
  • whose 1972 vice-presidential candidate, Tonie Nathan, was the first woman to receive a vote in the electoral college;
  • and who has had an explicit plank in its national platform supporting gay marriage since 2008, four years before the Democratic Party.

I have to say that I love the sign that they are carrying with them.  “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed

Good work to those who stand up for liberty!

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