Get ready HempFest here we come

Well, as it goes in life as crazy as mine has been lately, I am just getting the last minute preparations settled for HempFest Seattle! It seems like this snuck up on me so quickly, with the new baby and the new house we are going at full speed ahead. So getting ready for HempFest is par for the course. It’s a last minute huddle to get this all together.

So far we have our flyers and business cards ordered. We are trying to get stickers and a vinyl banner made, but it looks like the turn-around on getting these made and shipped to us will not meet our deadline for August 15th.

But we will be there to interact with other stoner businesses, and to give informational flyers to people who are just looking into cannabis legalization sincerely for the first time.

This is the design for one of our flyers. We have 3 different designs that we are going to be using at HempFest this year.

xCannabis HempFest Promo
xCannabis HempFest Promo

This is my wife’s flyer that we will be handing out:

Artistic By Nature Flyer Design
Artistic By Nature Flyer Design

We look forward to seeing you, and if you want to volunteer to hand out information for, write me by using the form at the About Us page.   I will try to get back to you right away!

Here’s a good rendition of Change the World by the musical master Eric Clapton.


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