Getting arrested for excercising free speech in Utah

I am trying to gather video from my arrest today, to show exactly how I was abused and how my rights were violated by the Springville Utah. I asked several folks to film what happened and they did. Now I just need that video for my hearings. Please send the video to please.

Pictures of the handcuff marks that are clearer than the video that I took with my camera phone.
My phone’s video camera is only a 1.3 megapixel camera, so the quality is poor.
Apparently my Sony video camera got broken during this escapade.  It worked 20 minutes before the arrest.  =(

Thanks for everyone who stood up for freedom today!

BTW go to to see other video that I have made during protests. It seems like its only Utah that disregards free speech rights! Shame on Utah authorities who operate this way!!

P.S. Using my phone for typing, please excuse the sloppiness. I am unable to edit posts until I get back to an actual computer.


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