Giving thanks!

I am so grateful for the support and bravery of so many cannabis soldiers out there!  Today we have 1044 members at Cannabis For Cancer. We hit 1000 member on November 30th 2009!

brain cancer and cannabis
brain cancer and cannabis

My dad and my grandma on my dads side both died from horrible cancers.  My dad had Glimoblastoma brain cancer, and my grandma had a variety of aggressive breast cancers.  She was a great fighter too!   But cancer being cancer, tore them both apart.

I am so thankful that with today’s research on cancer, that we are beginning to find our that marijuana is a cure and treatment for many types of cancer.


I so very much wish cannabis would have been rescheduled before my dad and grandma died.   New research on the cannabis plant is amazing.  There is so much to be found.

I was missing my dad today, and it made me think of one of the reasons why cannabis legalization means so much to me.

Medical Marijuana Spokane
Medical Marijuana Spokane (copyright 2009)

There are so many medical benefits, it’s hard to list them all.  But I can tell you that even if my father and grandmother were allowed to use cannabis, and it didn’t cure them.  They still would have lived happier, healthier and more fulfilling days of their lives.

Cannabis is used for many to counter nausea.  With AIDS and cancer patients it increases appetite tremendously.  I watched my grandma and dad shrink down to nearly nothing.  Its hard to eat when there is poison attacking your body.  Cannabis is known to increase appetite.  Sometimes even jokingly, when talking about stoners getting “the munchies”.  It just makes sense.

So lets support our loved ones who may someday have cancer, and in memorial of those who have died of cancer.  Lets make this the time in our country that cannabis is rescheduled appropriately, and further studied and used.  It is my opinion, that just about any other standard medication you can take is more deadly than cannabis (since cannabis toxic side effects have never been known to kill anyone).  Its safe and effective medicine!

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