Going to Utah to free the fake people

I wrote this on my facebook, which then inspired a video. We are going to be protesting in Utah again to free the minds of the fake people.

Please read this: http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org/?p=3085

I love how this lady moved to Seattle, and now refuses to be fake. But totally fesses up to being fake when she lived in Utah. Strange! But I see this in my class mates too.

When I grew up, I said EXACTLY what was on my mind. I didn’t try to fit in. I tattooed my body with dumb tattoos when I was 12 to express myself, so that people wouldn’t have to guess about me
I grew up with fake people. In the shadows my mom and dad would smoke their cigarettes and drink their coffee, sometimes with an occasional trip to the casino and some alcohol.
But we were not allowed to talk about their chain smoking, or their casino trips. My parents went to church, my mom taught primary classes for the kids. During the break between sunday school and sacrament, my mom would book it down the street so she could take a few drags and then rush back to church spraying perfume all over her and popping a piece of gum in her mouth.

Any mis-step by me (being the oldest and most prone to step out of the box), there would be serious consequences. Bringing attention to myself or our family was strictly forbidden. So of course it made me go even further with my acting out. LOL

But the irony, is the people who were close to me in school, who were so brave about their beliefs and opinions are the most meek, humble, quiet and FAKE people now.
It’s truly sad. I morn the loss of so many good friends that I once knew, but who now no longer exist.

Here is the video that I made today about it.


Here is the site that I referenced; Feminist Mormon House Wives http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org

This is a link to a recent Utah marijuana story at the NORML blog:   http://slu2.com/?K1

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