Growing medicine tutorials (favorites)

I have been growing weed off and on all my life since I was 15 years old.
I got thrown out of my parents house at a young age for growing weed in their basement.
But I was always an amateur until recently.  I never used the correct lights, the correct nuets, etc…
I had the timing and the basics down, but that was really all.
I had some out door grows when I worked for the irrigation company.  But I never harvested from any of them.  Someone found them before I did, or some times they just didn’t survive the heat in the summers.

But now I grow my own medicine, as a legal MMJ patient in Washington and I have been very successful in my last few gardens.
I’ve never grown more than 13 plants.  My limit is 15.  So I am just a hobbyist.  My method of growing has low yield as well, so seveal times during the year, I will find myself getting supplies from the dispensaries.  I basically grow to offset the cost of my medicine, not as any sort of business  (though when I-1068 passes, I will be growing crops).
My low yield is due to using CFLs and LEDs to grow.  I use those two types of light for several reasons.   #1 lower cost, lower power consumption.  #2, the CFLs and LED produce a broader spectrum of light (UVA/UVB) than more conventional cannabis grow lights, like HPS and MH, and in my opinion makes more potent pot if enough light is used.  #3  no high demand air circulation system is needed because of much cooler temps.

A lot of people will grow with the blue temp CFLs in vegetation, and switch over to HPS  or MH later, but I grow 100% from CFLs and LEDs, I just adjust the color/temp of lights during plant cycles.

But I only get ozs when other people are getting lbs.   So there is a big trade off there.

But growing just for myself allows me the luxury of having a low maintanence garden.

Anyway, there are tons of different ways to grow weed.  Dirt vs. Hydro vs. Aeroponics…   HPS vs MH vs CFL vs LED…

That is why Youtube is such a valuable resource.

Here is a sample of a video on how to grow hydro.   There are videos on everything from germinating the seeds, to selling the product in a cannabis cafe!

I made a video about a hydro-rooting system that I made from a plastic storage tub, a pond pump, a fish tank aerator, and some plastic cups.

This was when I lived behind the zion curtain (Idaho), and we just had a new born baby come to us, so I wasn’t growing weed at this time, just veggies.

I love to grow.   I guess I got it from my pop

[slideshow id=5]

I look forward to networking with other pharmers and helping patients grow their own medicine.

If anyone has any seed donations to offer let me know.  I do trades too.

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