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After attending the Spokane Sensible Washington meeting tonight I learned of many new allies in the fight to end prohibition.

A few people had saw my videos on youtube, and have saw my picture in front of the hempfield with the I-1068 shirt that we made last year for the cause.  I was psyched to meet so many familia that I had never met before and seeing familia that I am getting to know and know already well.   It was comfortable, and relaxing to be in such a wonderful atmosphere of liberty-minded folks.

My wife and kids as well as my 89 year old grandma came with to Jessica’s house where they watched tv and played in a different room.

My wife attended off and on and listened in.

It started off with being at a dispensary in town, one that we all know and love and that I talk about a lot.   But they probably agreed that a dispensary may not be the most neutral place, but Im not sure.  So then it moved to a law office in town, but at the last minute the lawyer cancelled.   So then SW’s Jessica Nuna stepped up and offered up her place as the meeting place, this was just hours before the meeting started.

It has been hard with SW being seriously underfunded in general.  SW has not yet secured a permanent location as of yet on the eastern side of the state, but I have suggested and I will follow up with securing the community center downtown at 35 West Main.  (Spokane).   That way it is open to the public, public parking is available and accommodating for a large group and it is community sponsored anyway.  
I have also been investigating my ability to rent on a per day and per need basis with a willing landlord, and I have a lead on that.  So we will be hosting our very own independent meetings, just to report on the issues surrounding the community and the culture.
We want to have a live audience, and a consistent public location.

Speaking of Sensi Life, the location is not important because of the internet, portable computers, and phones (especially smart phones) taking our work pretty much anywhere we want to be without a lot of hassle.   Some times we may do the show at a random dispensary.   Some days we may do the show on top of the mountain somewhere.   We have done broadcasting while we were on top of Kings Peak in Humboldt county.   So the location is mainly for the convenience of hosting a more public, open and accessible forum.

The meeting from there was kind of rocky, because of the change in venues, and the chaos surrounding trying to organize on a $0 budget.   I mean locating a meeting place, and organizing the community takes outreach, and funding and SW doesn’t have any funds that I know of.   So  I empathize there.   But we didn’t get any outlines on what the new initiative is, or a copy of the proposal in any way.   All we are judging this on is by what was proposed last year.   We hoped to have something to read, before we put ourselves any deeper into this.  I mean we have already invested a lot into this for this year, and we kind of expected to see what we are supporting and we didn’t get anything.   So that was disappointing, and there is actually nothing but I-1068 on the Sensible Washington website.   So we need to see what initiative 11xx is SOON.  We are going to keep encouraging SW move forward with that getting that info out.

We also learned about another bill by Senator Kohl-Well which is trying to define patients rights.  It also addresses the dispensary issue.   It is very bureaucratically diplomatically written, and as such growers loose a lot of rights.   In the wording it says providers can only supply for 7 patients.

What is also clearly obvious is that it is only to define medical laws, it says nothing about recreational or industrial, but by looking at this bill Im glad that rec and industrial are not listed.

Here is the link to the whole bill.

Contact Sen. Kohl-Well tell her to throw this crap away and to fight for FULL LEGALIZATION!   We are her boss, not the other way around!

Here are the parts that I disagree with. and that providers and patients should pay CLOSE attention to!

NEW SECTION. Sec. 7. (1) Qualifying patients 1 may create and
2 participate in collective gardens for the purpose of producing,
3 processing, transporting, and delivering cannabis for medical use
4 subject to the following conditions:
5 (a) No more than seven qualifying patients may participate in a
6 single collective garden any time;
7 (b) A collective garden may contain no more than fifteen plants
8 per patient up to a total of ninety plants for six patients, and no
9 more than a total of ninety-nine plants if seven patients are
10 participating in the collective garden;
11 (c) No more than ninety-six ounces of useable cannabis may be on
12 the premises of a collective garden at any time;
13 (d) A copy of each qualifying patient’s valid documentation,
14 including a copy of the patient’s proof of identity, must be
15 available at all times on the premises of the collective garden; and
16 (e) No useable cannabis from the collective garden is delivered
17 to anyone other than one of the qualifying patients participating in
18 the collective garden.
19 (2) For purposes of this section, the creation of a “collective
20 garden” means qualifying patients sharing responsibility for
21 acquiring and supplying the resources required to produce and process
22 cannabis for medical use such as, for example, a location for a
23 collective garden; equipment, supplies, and labor necessary to plant,
24 grow, and harvest cannabis; cannabis plants, seeds, and cuttings; and
25 equipment, supplies, and labor necessary for proper construction,
26 plumbing, wiring, and ventilation of a garden of cannabis plants.
27 (3) A person who knowingly violates a provision of subsection
28 (1) of this section shall not be entitled to the protections of this
29 chapter.

Also please check out our interview with Ganja Solider Pastor Ray Christl tomorrow at 4pm PST

To contact Sensible Washington, visit their website at:

We’ll have pictures of the meeting up soon.

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