Happy 420!!!

This is whats going on tomorrow!

Lots on the table so see the calendar for the best details.
4/20 state wide!

If you are in to getting signatures and securing your cannabis freedom in Washington state.
Then hit up some of the festivals going on.  This is the best day to get signatures and the biggest head event in the state is in Spokane, the big ol reggae festival.


1107 W. Main

SPOKANE, WA. 99201


We are going to make our rounds around town.  Lots of stuff happening all over the place.

You can also check the Sensible Washington volunteer calendar.   http://sensiblewashington.org/hq

I am so glad that this event is available, and I am sad that I missed it last year!   We lived in the next county, and missed a lot of stuff last year.  But we’re glad to have the opportunity to be in the awesome city again, we’re going to miss Spokane when we leave next week.

This is what we were doing last year.


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