Happy birthday little brother, wish you were here

Twenty five years ago my little buddy, my youngest brother was born.
Justin was born January 13th 1986.  He overdosed on prescription medications on January 22nd 2002.
I have fond memories with my brother.  I miss him every day.
Justin was fond of using marijuana to treat his depression and anxiety.  But after being harassed by the police, and having my parents stick himin rehab.  He had a lot less access and a lot less friends to rely on for ganja.  So he turned to prescription medication, that within a few short months would kill him dead.   Justin was a special kid and had a great life a head of him.  If there is any one reason I want prohibition to end, it is this.

Too bad we aren’t smoking a bowl together laughing about it all right now.


Washington had a lot of grass roots help last year, and this year the support is even greater.

I am just pleaing with NORML, MPP, and all other groups and activists to represent for WA’s legalization initiative this year.
Not trying to take anything personally, or get up in a huff.

I have vested interests though, #1 I live in Washington, #2 I am dumping my time and money in to this, and I only want to support SW this year if it’s a winner. Last year about half way through, I knew it was going to flop. Yet I still donated gear to volunteers and I still collected dozens of signatures all the way to the end.
And this year, I moved into Spokane instead of living way out in the boonies ya know. Cuz before I lived in Loon Lake and it was an hour drive in to town one way. So it was rare that I could do anything last year.

But this year, I have prepared to be involved in this. I bought a new vinyl plotter, retired the old one. I bought a screen printer specifically for printing I-1068 shirts last year, spent a grip on that. And now I am all setup with a radio station. So I have setup a full media company, able to advertise in any format almost and able to reach 10’s of thousands of people.

This isnt a pat on the back for me. What I am saying is that why I am so concerned or as Jennifer put it “taking it personally”.. Is because I really care. I am sacrificing vacations, toys for the kids, a new vaporizer that Ive been wanting, etc.. Just so that I can do this activism this year and really help out.

And this isn’t about NORML or MPP, or anyone particular group. This is many activists crying out to ALL of these groups “Help us out here in Washington”..

I love NORML, I support NORML, I love Sensible Washington and I support them. I am not the biggest contributor, I am not the most passionate activists. But I just want everyone to get together on this. Ya know. Post a banner ad, a link, do a story, buy a shirt from SW, donate to SW, use SensibleWashington’s website (www.SensibleWashington.org) to shop via Amazon online. They get 4% of each sale. So next time you want to buy a book, go to Sensible Washington’s website first.

If I hadn’t served 8 months in jail for a victimless crime, if I hadn’t been denied access to the military and many education oppotunities, and if I hadnt watched so many people’s lives turned upside down and/or ended because of prohibition.. Then I would take it all less personal, less serious. Ya know. I would chill, relax, and hope everything works out for the best. But I guess what it comes down to.. It is rather personal.

Also I do stay in contact with my local NORML. I spoke to 3 of the directors of WA NORML tonight, and thank God! They do a really excellent job locally, and Angela was very involved last year with signature gathering. So no disrespect to local or National NORML. I am just pleaing for National NORML’s support. Thats all.

Here are some interviews I have done with other NORML members.

http://www.blogtalkradio.c om/xcannabis/2011/01/12/se nsi-life-radio–2pm-wednes day-show-slu2com

You can see that I am talking with National NORML about it too.

http://stash.norml.org/leg islature-to-debate-plan-to-expand-states-medical-cannabis-law-2/comment-page-1#comment-72453

Meeting with Phillip Dawty and WCA, etc. (WA NORML was there)

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