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I have been busy defending my religious freedom this weekend, after a few sucker punches from those with anti-religious beliefs and after some personal insult swaps I have been directly reminded of why our forefathers of this nation rose up against England and fought for a liberty that longed for.

Just like State Atheism in Russia during WWII, people all over this world have fought for and died for their religious freedom.   I too am willing to rise to the occasion.
World War II was a particularly troubling time in our world, where 10’s of million of people of faith were brutally slaughtered for having their religious convictions.
Most people think of just Jews who were murdered, however under state atheism in Russia, as many Christians were slaughtered as Jews.

“State atheism has been defined as the official “promotion of atheism” by a government, typically by active suppression of religious freedom and practice.

State promotion of atheism as a public norm was first practised during a brief period in Revolutionary France. Since then, such a policy was repeated only in Revolutionary Mexico and some communist states. State atheism may include active opposition to religion, and persecution of religious institutions, leaders and believers. However, whether such persecution was truly motivated by atheism is disputed by others.

The Soviet Union had a long history of state atheism, in which social success largely required individuals to profess atheism and stay away from churches; this attitude was especially militant under Joseph Stalin. The Soviet Union attempted to suppress religion over wide areas of its influence, including places like central Asia.The Socialist People’s Republic of Albania under Enver Hoxha went so far as to officially ban the practice of every religion.”

Refer to:




The fight that I fought in the last 24 hours with not one but 2 militant atheists, who use insults and crude methods of censorship to weed out religion is not a fight that I haven’t fight all of my life, starting long ago with theocracy in Utah from Mormons.   As it is, it isn’t just atheist which doesn’t like competing beliefs.  Other religious would rather not have competition in belief as well.  Which we can see with what our forefathers of this nation endured.

There is one particular fight that I will fight until it is won in this country as well, and that is my right to use my religious sacrament without legal or moral conflicts.  Cannabis (Kaneh Bosom) is the anointing oil of Moses as described in Exodus 30:23.  It is a entheogenic substance that is God given and grows from the ground that allows people to better connect with their higher power.
For this to be forbidden to ANYONE is a violation of our religious freedom.

I have the utmost respect for any one on any spiritual path as long as they can respect others.
That is ultimately the nature of the founding of this country and of our very first Amendment to the constitution.

I hope that our governments, politicians and especially the voters of this country can give better educated on what cannabis means to most of the major religions of this world.

Back in 2009 I made this video for Barack Obama:

Read more about religious freedom at:  loc.gov

This exhibition demonstrates that many of the colonies that in 1776 became the United States of America were settled by men and women of deep religious convictions who in the seventeenth century crossed the Atlantic Ocean to practice their faith freely. That the religious intensity of the original settlers would diminish to some extent over time was perhaps to be expected, but new waves of eighteenth century immigrants brought their own religious fervor across the Atlantic and the nation’s first major religious revival in the middle of the eighteenth century injected new vigor into American religion. The result was that a religious people rose in rebellion against Great Britain in 1776, and that most American statesmen, when they began to form new governments at the state and national levels, shared the convictions of most of their constituents that religion was, to quote Alexis de Tocqueville’s observation, indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions. The efforts of the Founders of the American nation to define the role of religious faith in public life and the degree to which it could be supported by public officials that was not inconsistent with the revolutionary imperatives of the equality and freedom of all citizens is the central question which this exhibition explores.    http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/religion/

Also if you have kids, and want them to be educated on American history, this is a great show that my kids have been watching on Netflix.




More about religious diversity, I made this in 2010

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