Happy Halloween and PLEASE vote Yes on Prop 19

Please consider the great benefits of a cannabis nation. Hemp, medicine, taxes, jobs and less expense on enforcement!

Think of what we could do with the 77 Billion or so bucks we’ll save every year.  Maybe it will ween off inflation for our children!


Here is my Happy Halloween music message to you. 
Brian “Head” Welch, one of the founders of the band Korn, which needs no introduction.
Brian left the band after praying to the Lord.  He started his own thing, and he now follows the Lord and even sponsors a bunch of kids in an orphanage.

He quit drugs and is making kill-tunez still!   What does this have to do with Halloween?  Not much.  But it would be a great track for a Halloween party.  =)

His music is still deep, dark, real.  But with a positive message.   I mean comon, this is Head after all.  He is who he is.  To me, its soothing!

Here is an interview with Brian Welch From CNN

I love his message and story of recovery.   I went through all of this (minus the fortune and fame), but with praying and kicking drugs, and being a die hard disciple.  I gave my life to the Lord in 1999, and I got my membership removed from the LDS church in 2000.   I have been clean from all drugs for almost 12 years now.   Brian is just an amazing and unique story that inspires me.

I don’t know what Brian’s stand is on marijuana.  Whether he know’s it is given and authorized to use by God (Genesis 1:29, Exodus 30:32, and others)…   But in my opinion, ganja is an herb not a drug.  It is not a man made chemical.  It is not deadly, and not nearly as addictive as many legal substances.  But even if Brian disagree’s with me on this topic.  Agreeing isn’t a requirement of having a family in the Lord.   Families disagree, some more than others.   But regardless of his politics, I say RIGHT ON HEAD!!!!!!

Great Halloween Quote:   “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

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