Hempfest extinguishes free speech due to corporate interests

I am so glad that I rejected Hempfest, and even before this terrible event that happened at facebook this year, “the first legalization hempfest” I wrote about the reasons that I would not attend Hempfest back on .   Isn’t Hempfest supposed to be about FREE SPEECH, and a “PROTESTIVAL” (for protesting marijuana prohibition)? Hempfest extinguishes free speech due to corporate interests

After watching the Hempfest staff talk about how they wanted money from these people who are attempting to roll the worlds largest joint, and how hempfest sells booths, and how these people are “hijacking their event’.   I think it is just terrible.

What happens after a whole lot of harassment from what looks like Phineas from the Fabulous Freak Brothers, is that Hempfest staff call their lawyer, and then they call the police.   The self proclaimed general manager of Hempfest (I did not catch her name) says that “we are not here to have felony fest”.  After the police arrive, the young organizer (who I learned from the Stranger article is named Brian Laoruangroch) who is trying to roll this joint asks them “if what he is doing would be consider legal”.  The police respond and say “yes”.

So then Hempfest escalates and tells the police that they would like this young man removed from the park.

After words, this young man is recorded with about 20 grams of donated cannabis, and is attempting to roll the joint outside of Hempfest.

Not only is Hempfest barring good conservative speakers, speakers who represent living memories of fallen heros like Julia from the Peter McWilliams Tribute, and a whole host of other amazing activists, they are also calling the cops to have free speech demonstrations (legal ones might I add) restricted.

This is my video report on what I have saw, including high-rank hempfesters dissing their musical talent.

I wouldn’t attend Hempfest in the future if they paid me handsomely, this form of “protest” is based on greedy corporate interests, like Steve Elliot demonstrated in his recent article “Festival or Trade Show?  The battle for the soul of HempFest“.

More video from Ben Livingston;



Comments from the page of Brian Laoruangroch;


John Davis: “Seattle Company set to piss off reform movement permanently.” Garner media, yo!

John Davis: Don’t step on our message amateur. We will see you at 2. We want to meet. It might be a very short meeting.

John Davis: Did you talk to the event organizers about this?

Laoruangroch responded:

Prohibition Brands: “I will be wearing the cowboy hat! I will have no more than the legal limit on me John. Any joint smoked will be moved outside the park if we are asked to. The joint will have an ownership tag identifying the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the owners…..so no one person owns this joint. We hope you will be part of the event.”

Which earned this response:

John Davis: I will. I will personally be looking for you. Thank you for identifying yourself so well.


More information on pot mogul and VP at Hempfest John Davis:



More information about that conversation can be found here:




This is board member Keith Saunders talking shit about Everlast on facebook>


Hempfest Everlast Diss
Hempfest Everlast Diss
Hempfest Everlast Diss
Hempfest Everlast Diss
Eric Everlast Diss Hempfest 2013
Eric Everlast Diss Hempfest 2013

I think Everlast put on a great show, and packed the audience in for the show:



Worlds Largest Joint?  Someone Call the Cops!!!
Worlds Largest Joint? Someone Call the Cops!!!
Worlds Largest Joint?  Someone Call the Cops!!!
Worlds Largest Joint? Someone Call the Cops!!!

Here is a gallery that I put together with captions and cartoons that I made about Hempfest.

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