How are medical laws protecting patients?

Here are the facts.  Prop215 has been a good step forward, but stagnating  activism to proceed in regaining our rights have not helped, and in fact keeping cannabis “medical only” has only hurt people.

The facts are in the numbers.

“In 2009, there were 17,008 felony and 61,164 misdemeanor marijuana arrests in California, for a total of 78,172.
In 2008, there were 17,126 marijuana felonies and 61,388 misdemeanors, for a total of 78,514. This was the highest number of marijuana arrests since pot was decriminalized in California in 1976, according to Dale Gieringer of California NORML.”

I think that the fight to secure medical cannabis has been a good fight, and there have been many major victories won in this fight.

But cannabis prohibition violates many of our constitutional civil rights.   It should not be treated as anything more scarey or anything more regulated than aspirin.
Aspirin kills over 7500 people a year in the USA.   Cannabis does not kill ANYONE!

As far as medical dispensaries being protected, or medical patients being protected.
Just do a google search for  “Dispensaries shut down in California“.

This is not even a question of which is better in the issue of medical vs. social cannabis.
If we legalize cannabis further in can only be better for medical patients as it opens up the FREE MARKET, giving patients more options and better prices.

But further than that.  It helps protect people and legitimize the value that cannabis has in society, including and most importantly industrial hemp.

Cannabis is NOT medical only.   Cannabis is a God given plant with many values and uses.

Cannabis use has many uses

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