How do we end the controlled substances act for ALL states?

How do we end the tyranny from the federal government in regards to cannabis laws in the US states that have decriminalized cannabis for medical use or otherwise?

The constitution via Article 6, the 14th Amendment, etc has a supremacy clause that overrides state laws. That is why the feds still come into our state and arrest people who are complying with state law. No matter what we do on a state level, will mean very little to the federal government.

The only thing that will give us the protections that we want, is to end the controlled substances act, on a federal/national level.

How do we do that? We can’t do it on a state level. We can’t depend on the legislature to do it.

Even if we could do it on a state level, and even if the federal government didn’t have the ability to over-ride state law, there are only 24 states that have a ballot initiative process, which is why so few states currently have decriminalization laws.

We need to work on this from a federal prospective, which is why I do promote and get the word out. I have reach over 500,000 people from my youtube videos alone.

We have switched most of our support to the Democracy Foundation, to benefit the National Initiative for Democracy which is the ONLY way we as a people will be able to address the Controlled Substances Act and end prohibition.

You can see more at

We can sit and waste time on state laws, but that only goes so far.

We need to address this on a National level.

You can sign the NI4d online.

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