How free market captalism is saving wildlife

My wife and I ended up homeless after the accident that I had in May.
We had bought a house in New England and had been released from our mortgage in California.
So we ended up staying with my in-laws until I could get out of my wheel chair and move to our house in New England. On our way out to our new house, we started talking about Ted Turner’s (the media mogul) bison heard and we learned a lot about his endeavors.
Some may call what he does philanthropy, however Ted has a few goals with his investments and most of his philanthropy such as his bison herd and his restaurant “Ted’s Montana Grill” where he serve’s bison from his herd are for profit business ventures which at the same time serve a function of saving endangered species.
This model makes sense to me, because it is sustainable.   So many people in the activist communities that I participate in, feel this liberal ideal of “if you are rich you should give everything away and be poor”.   Which that is NOT sustainable in my estimation.

Ted’s bison herd has over 55,000 head of bison and is the largest bison herd in the world.   This could not be possible without money, A LOT of money.  And if the herd was not sustained by profit, it would disappear eventually.
With Ted’s plan this bison herd and most if not all of his philanthropic endeavors will continue on long past his life span and the life span of his children.

The US government, and not even yellowstone national park has been able to come any where close to rebuilding a sustainable bison herd.  Yellowstone has tried and failed, and when the Yellowstone herd was faced with extermination (due to neighboring ranchers) Ted Turner bough 88 bison of that herd which would have otherwise been put down.   This also served to introduce wild genes into the herd’s genepool.

Another thing that the US government has not been able to do is save many of the native fish species that Ted’s foundations have been saving.   Look up the “Westslope Cut-throat trout” that Ted has restored to many streams that they were once native to.   A Big Win for the Westslope – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

I recently made a video while on our journey about Ted’s endeavors.  I do not yet know a lot about all of these things.  So also see this website to learn more:

My recent youtube video; How free market capitalism is saving wildlife

Ted makes a great case for free market capitalism and the integrity of the human spirit to do good in the world.

Thanks Ted!

More information about Ted’s philanthropy and businesses can be found at this link;

I also give credit to that site for the images that I used.


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