How harmful is marijuana?

I often get anecdotes from people “well even if you can’t die from marijuana, it does cause car accidents”.

I have to revisit this topic, because that anecdote leads to a good point.

To the best of my research less than a few dozen people died in car accidents while driving and high on marijuana. 
But here are some facts to consider when thinking about the harm of marijuana.

1. Marijuana metabolites stays in your system for longer than 30 days after you have smoked it, yet the high only lasts for 2-3 hours if smoked.

2. Just because they were found with marijuana in their system, it doesn’t mean that they were high on marijuana and could have possibly been using prescription medication, alcohol, or other drugs.  Alcohol is responsible for approximately 39% of all car accidents in the USA.  Reference

3.  Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year.  But I don’t hear many people complaining that cell phones should be illegal.   Reference

4.  Aspirin kills approximately 7500 people per year, and my youngest child can walk in to any store and buy aspirin without an ID or credentials.  Reference

5.  With marijuana you can not overdose, it’s scientifically impossible.  Reference

Now I think people don’t like statistics because they can lean one way or the other depending on how someone puts the numbers together.  I fully understand.  Which is why I am giving personal testimonies from experts, see the links next to the 5 points above.

Also this is a video that I have shown in the past.  This was a study done on a marijuana user while driving intoxicated and while driving sober.

Marijuana clearly didn’t impair his driving after a very large joint. Which would explain why so few people die in car accidents from being stoned.

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