How is bullying related to prohibition?

I am trying to connect the dots, because I think there is a relationship between prohibition, and bullying. Im talking about victimless crimes in general when I speak about prohibition. Not just prohibition of drugs. But my thoughts in this video is that there harmless cannabis consumers going to jail for a victimless crime, such as smoking cannabis. The numbers of prison inmates and jail inmates who are serving time for a victimless crime is at world record levels in the USA, and we in fact house 25% of the worlds prison population even though our country only has roughly 5% of the worlds population.

Studies say bullying is on the rise.
What happens when a harmless pot smokers goes to prison? Lots of things.
1. They often feel inclined to hire a lawyer, and that is probably a wise choice
2. They have to pay bail.
3. They have to defend themselves in court, and pay the legal fees and spend the time preparing for and being in court.
4. Then if they get convicted of a drug crime that stays on their permanent record. Jobs are harder to get, military access is strict and often people get declined for having pot conviction.
5. They now are free from prison/jail but they now have little chance at working a decent job based on the drug conviction, and they have very little training except for what they learned in prison, because most of these people are very young adults.
6. They bring their attitude and failures in life home with them, and their kids are party to every bit of this punishment.

So I honestly think that bullying is getting worse for many reasons. The economy as well. But I think that prohibition plays a role in it.



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