How laws get passed at a citizen level, Mandatory euthanasia for seniors

I have been debating with others and also considering myself how stupid laws like I-502 gets passed at a citizen level.
Pondering this has made me sharply reconsider my support for ‘direct democracy’ or things like the “National Initiative for Democracy“.  For several years I supported bypassing congress and lobbying, and use a direct democracy method of people’s initiatives.   I was a Ralph Nader supporter for about 12 years, and through two presidential elections.  I was very impressed with the NI4D because I am totally sick of cronyism in Washington DC.

However after seeing I-502 pass, and seeing how many absolutely clueless “cannabis activists” were/are supporting this tyranny that is very similar to the 1937 version called the Marihuana Tax Act.   I-502 is so similar to the thing that all of these “cannabis activists” despise, that I am amazed how many of these brain dead stoners supported I-502.  I don’t think that 90% of them read it, and I suspect the other 10% had vested interests or political pandering behind their support for I-502.

But now I understand the value of our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and how democracy is just mob rule, and how the mob is mostly clueless.   Thank you to Mark Dice and his presentation of the “Mandatory Euthanasia for Seniors, Obamacare petition”.   This is truly how crap like I-502 gets passed in this country.  People are so absolutely ready to “be a part of CHANGE”  ANY CHANGE, and are so absolutely willing to sign up for something that ‘sounds good’ even “euthanasia for seniors” that it is no wonder I-502 became law.

Watch this video, you will be shocked too Im sure!

See more at Mark Dice’s youtube channel:

Mark Dice is hilarious!!

Read more about the I-502 “Marihuana Tax Act of 2012” here:


Read about “the fluoride effect”:


Also FREE ADAM KOKESH!  Learn more about his kidnapping and detention by means of force used by the US government to silence a peaceful protestor of the tyranny in the USA

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