How to establish a NATIONAL intiative process

During recent conversations with other activists I realized that I needed to brush up on not only the process of what it takes to establish a National Initiative process but also on the Constitution as well.

I have taken some clips from a recent interview that I did with Carl Olsen of “Carl’s Cannabis Corner” that took place on May 22nd 2011, because Carl had some questions that I didn’t have the full answer to.

But when I told Carl that he should look up the information on the internet, I realized that it would be a great opportunity to get this information out there.

So I have taken clips from Carl’s interview, and some interviews and speeches from Mike Gravel to tie all of this together.  After that I have linked some of the Articles of the Constitution of the USA that Mike Gravel mentioned and I posted that for people to read the full text in context.
(full interview with Carl Olsen and Rev. Ryan)

Carl’s Cannabis Corner Radio show May 22 Rescheduling Cannabis

Article Five of the United States Constitution

Article Seven of the United States Constitution


To read more about the NI4D and to vote for it, please visit:    http://NI4D.US

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