How will I-1149 put people back to work?

We are volunteering to help push through I-1149 in Washington state, and we believe that it will put many people back to work.
We had a question from a Craiglist reader about “How”.

I think there are many ways how it will work.  We only need to look at history.

There is the fact that bio-fuel can effectively be made from hemp, and there is no competition with other food such as corn which is commonly used for ethanol.
When we use corn for making fuel we are directly competing with a food crop, which then raises prices of many foods.
Hemp is not that way, very few foods in the USA are being made from hemp  (although it is a great source of nutrition).
Hemp can be used in building construction, clothing, paper and thousands of other products.
In the 1930’s Henry Ford made “the hemp car” which you can learn more about by doing a google or a youtube search.

We will also be able to employ many people in the tourism market for when people come to Washington instead of Amsterdam for cannabis tourism.

You can learn more about this by picking up Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears No Cloths”

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