Humboldt California

We are hanging out in Humboldt county this week.  I took my wife and kids to Humboldt to do some exploring.
I had planned on getting some cool pictures but I forgot my camera at home, so all I have is my camera phone.

The first thing that I noticed upon arriving on February 6th, is that several of the local radio stations were celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday, and “The Coast” radio played 3 hours of non-stop Bob Marley’s tunes.  For the whole rest of the day we got to listen to excellent reggae, and listened to radio DJ’s reveal cool facts about Bob Marley’s life.

After that we went to Denny’s and on each of the tables there was an advertisement for “Hemp Ale”  (see the pictures below).
We had a great breakfast, but I didn’t feel like drinking at 11am.  But the waitresses that I spoke to reported that they get great reviews on this brew, and I am excited to get one before we leave.

We have a lot more adventures that are yet to happen.  I will post more photos as we go.  I love this place!

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