I-502 debate at High Times Medical Cup Seattle 2012

This is my commentary on the I-502 debate at the Seattle High Times Medical Cannabis cup. Credit to Russ Belville for recording the debate and posting it.


My main contention with the approach that New Approach Washington / The ACLU / Pete Holmes is taking is this. On one hand they agree that Sensible Washington’s approach is the correct way of repealing prohibition and it is a time tested and proven method of doing it correctly as history revealed with the 18th/21st Amendments. But on the other hand they are saying “Sensible Washington’s polling only showed a 42% favor“.
Then if you look at their history with Sensible Washington’s initiatives.  Not only did Alison Holcomb / The ACLU / Pete Holmes not endorse Sensible Washington, in fact they came out publicly against Sensible Washington.True politician FAIL there!

Look up their support for Sensible Washington and the reasons that they gave for rejecting Sensible Washington: Google Search – ACLU I-1068

Peter Holmes Caught in Double Talk on I-1149 <youtube video


The discussion on whether to support a legalization initiative on the Washington ballot.

For I-502
Alison Holcomb – ACLU of WA, New Approach Washington, Chief Petitioner
Pete Holmes – Seattle City Attorney

Against I-502
Douglas Hiatt – Seattle criminal defense attorney
Jeff Steinborn – NORML Board of Directors, Seattle criminal defense attorney

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