I don’t live in a free country!

I have lost hope in representative government.  Truly ever since the year 2000 when Ralph Nader was blocked by state police from even attending the debates!

It is an insane world we are living in.  But this representative/2 party government is not working for the benefit of the people.

We need to pay attention to all reasonable options and NOT put all of our apples in one basket!

That is one reason we are supporting the National Initiative for Democracy.    My wife got me interested in Mike Gravel and what he was doing in 2008, and that is when I learned more about the National Initiative for Democracy.

Mike wrote this Amendment and Ralph Nader who I have respected for many years were both on board with it.

You can sign the petition online, and read the Democracy act.   See http://www.VOTE.org and  http://www.NI4D.us

But now I am leaning towards Ron Paul for president, and I am still supportive of the National Initiative for Democracy.

Quite honestly Im just a bit disappointed that Ron Paul hasn’t put some support behind that initiative.   I think it agrees with his philosophy, and it has a lot of strong supporters and little guys like me who support it.


Vote Ron Paul!

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