I hate censorship

I am not completely innocent here, I had to tell an activist in Spokane to leave our meeting and sober up before he came back back in 2011.  I have rarely censored anyone, but when I have I have felt terrible about it.

But I have been censored over and over by liberals who disagree with one thing or another.   Either when I protest abortion, taxes, or government force.   I almost always document these occasions with a screen shot so that I can’t be accused of being crass or rude, when I have been censored.  I feel I am very polite, even if in disagreement with some of the statements in a particular conversation.

There are two occasions in the past 5 years that I have felt badly about being censored.  Thinking to myself “wow, did that person really just delete all of my comments?”..   I get censored a lot, mostly by far left liberals, and the topics are usually pretty consistent.  But there have been these two times, and I documented them pretty well.

Recently with Jared Allaway when he once again strongly disagreed with me insisting that we defund the government via ending the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act, when he was complaining how the government keeps screwing up.

See more here:  Passive Aggressive Activism

The other time was when Steve Elliot came to my page to badger me about faith and Christianity.
I have saw similar rants like which Steve brought to me, at Hempfest so it inspired me to write this article;

Is militant atheism a sore spot for the legalization movement?

If I was to document every time I got censored, I could fill a week worth of blogging up every week.
But I am way too busy to worry about each little instance.   But when influential people, whether via political ambitions, or career ambitions censor people, while on the other hand complaining about how people censor them.  I just think there is something to say about that.

Recently watching what went down at Hempfest with the guy who wanted to roll “The World’s Largest Joint”, and how Hempfest censored him and several others.  That sort of broke my heart too, even though I wasn’t directly being censored.  I felt like through that person who I am not even directly connected, that my voice was in a way censored.
Because I love hempfest, and I have gone many times to hempfest and I have supported them in whatever ways that I could.   So I made a little bit of a fuss about that.  But I still love Hempfest.  I just think that staying silent about things like this does no one any good.

I wrote this blog about what happened at Hempfest last week;

Hempfest extinguishes free speech at hempfest due to corporate interests

Then there are the times when I have fought censorship when I expected as much.
In 2010 when I was protesting in  Springville Utah, I was arrested for “using the streets without a permit”.  A month later I got the law nullified (not before spending a grip on two different lawyers and going way out of my way to fight that tyranny).

The law that I got changed, in Springville City Utah

It’s the thing about activism that I have been most active about.   I have  not been nearly as active about cannabis as I have about free speech.  I understand that there are limitations to free speech, where maybe some restrictions or at least some common etiquette is necessary.  But then there are occasions when free speech should be honored and when it is not, it is not conductive to common respect and freedom.  That is when I protest!
This is a video that I made about this.   I read from Vivian McPeak’s book about free speech and protesting  and what Hempfest is all about.

I don’t get paid for activism, I do it because LIBERTY is my payment.


Hempfest_Protestival_0004 Hempfest_Protestival_0004_smallFrom Vivian McPeak’s book “Protestival”.



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