I love that they are coming out in favor of legalization

I love that they (politicians) are coming out in favor of legalization, but what is with such overwhelming support all of the sudden?

Are they worried about something?


http://xcannabis.com/xtube/videos/19/people%27s-initiatives-worry-them-terribly-hb-1550 (15 minutes)


http://xcannabis.com/xtube/videos/18/politicians-want-to-hold-on-to-the-reigns (45 seconds)


(we’ve added a ton of new videos)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s day. Funny how the Irish celebrate death rather than birth eh? Personally I agree. Birthdays are fine and all, but the picture isn’t complete until you pass. And is that picture all that you had hoped it would be? St. Patrick born of meger means accomplished much in the name of love and compassion. BTW- Here is a fact for ya. Think St. Patty was a Catholic? Not likely. How many Catholics do you know that reject infant baptism? If St. Patty was Catholic, he was one of few.



Reverend Ryan Thompson

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