I owe Ian Moody an apology

Yes I am surprised too.  After a very strange and uncomfortable year of dealing with Ian and his alter ego’s.  I am indeed apologizing to Ian Moody of WA.

I am not apologizing about anything other than I made a comment “If Ian actually runs for congress I would be surprised”.  I am eating my words in that sentence, because Ian Moody is in fact running for congress.  Another surprising aspect of this story, is that Ian is also promoting a pro-liberty platoform (along side of also saying YES TAX MY CROP AT A 75% excise tax from grower to consumer).

I am impressed that Ian has taken this platform.  Its not all good its not all bad.
I had expected a more progressive stance, because of the group he has attempted to appeal to in the past.  But I am surprised about his conflicting economic policies where he wants more tax from the people, but yet wants a small government?    Just some things, not all things.
Certainly his platform isn’t perfect, but hey he gets an A for effort!

Despite our past conflicts.   I still can congratulate a man for his follow through and determination.

Now, lets think about life with Ian Moody as a legislator.   Sorry, I just can’t picture that happening.  I have mental blockage.   I can’t see past the fake accounts, and the name dropping accusations against MHP regarding their cannabis dispensary.

I mean a little name calling is one thing.  But the threats that this guy sent to several people, and the fake accounts and online stalking was a little too much to trust him making laws for me.

But if you don’t know Ian, find out more by just googling his name.

“Ian Moody Washington”

This is an article that I wrote last year about Ian and his bid for congress.  Below is the where the comment is found that I am apologizing for.

Ian Moody for US Congress? I am concerned about his plan.

This is a debate between

Ian Moody – Independent
Rich Cowan – Democrat

MoodyCowan Debate: Social Security – YouTube

Again, this is clearly NOT an endorsement for Ian.  Rather if I were voting in Washington I would write in John Parr, but I would not vote for any of the candidates on the ballot, not less Ian Moody.

This is just my personal opinion.   Ryan Thompson

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