I was denied the ability to serve my country


Because of prohibition, I was denied the ability to serve my country! It’s a true injustice!

I was reading Track Snack’s blog about vets, and it got me thinking about my family who were blessed enough to serve this country.

liberty and sovereignty
liberty and sovereignty

I was denied the ability to serve in the military because I got busted twice with pot, which actually gave me four separate misdemeanors by the time I was 19.

When I went to the recruiters office, they gave me a practice ASVAB and I passed wth great scores.  When they did a background search, the two marijuana tickets that I told them about turned out of be 4 total violations.

They said that they could work with the ticket that I got before I turned 18, but the one after I turned 18 they couldn’t do anything about.   I tried to get the record expunged, and go back to the recruiter, but I was turned down by the juvenile court.

I was merely possessing herb.  I wasn’t growing, or pushing, or whatever.  I was using pot for recreation, and for teenage things like depression and hormones.

I had been paying taxes on my labor since I was 15, when I got my first real job working for the irrigation company digging ditches.
And both times I got arrested I had been working 1 or 2 jobs and paying my taxes and my bills.

I may not have been the smartest cookie in the cookie jar.  Getting arrested twice is proof of that.  But I was a hard working, honest individual who felt like I should be able to enjoy herb in my private time if I am not hurting anyone else.

I felt like if I’m old enough to work and pay taxes, and join the military and die for my country that I ought to have the right to enjoy some harmless recreation.

I had always planned on being in the military and getting college money and moving out of small town Utah.

But when I was denied that, it changed my prospective on the motives of our country.

We learn now that no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and that several large studies by medical groups say that unlike tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke does not lead to death.


SOURCE: Sidney, S. The British Medical Journal, Sept. 20, 2003; vol 327: pp 635-636.

So what is liberty if we can’t choose how to medicate ourselves?  What is liberty if we are limited on what we can put in our own body?

Doesn’t liberty mean sovereignty?! Check the Ohio Liberty and Sovereignty Resolution for good logic in this thought.


I love what Toby Nixon (Former Rep. in Wa States’ 45th district) said about “fundamental principles” and what our constitution is all about.

See Toby Nixon testify before the judiciary senate committee about SB 5615   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=764ExC7YTqM

I think we are seriously lacking fundamental principles in this country.  Our forefathers had it right, they would flip at the sight of what our ‘liberty’ (so-called) has become.

Thanks Track Snack for inspiring me with your first blog here!  Im honored to know that we have several soldiers in our midsts!

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