Important updates for October / November

This is a historical time of our world.   I have some important updates, please pass along these references to people you know!

#1. If you are in Cali, VOTE YES ON PROP 19. Sorry about the caps. This is huge! (

#2. Please simply “Like” the Seattle Hemp Fest page. Learn more…

#3. For breast cancer awareness month, please spread the word that Cannabis Cure Cancer!

Join us at Causes on Facebook via this link:

#4.  If you are in Springville Utah, please support our new community site by spreading the word.

Kimi introduced me to a few years back, because she heard a speech by Sen. Mike Gravel (former) about the National Initiative for Democracy.  For me, if we are going to let democracy control our republic, I believe that the people are far more in tune with the needs of the country, than the puppet politicians out there who are led around by money from big corporations via corrupt lobbyists.  I don’t trust our politicians, or our two party system.   We have very limited choices in this “free” country.

Learn more about the NI4D via this video or go to VOTE.ORG

Much love to Damian Marley.  LETS RE-LEGALIZE FREEDOM!

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