Initiative 1068 inspired me

In light of Initiative 1068 in Washington, my wife and I had a serious discussion about how we can help most in this aspect.
Since we have been needing to move our home office to a different place and OUT of our home. We elected to rent a store front with monument signage and a nice location where about 60,000 cars pass by every day.

We thought it was about time that we get our feet wet, and start pursuing a legal cannabis business.
Our reasoning is this. That we can have an office, pursue a new business venture, and be able to advertise and advocate Initiative 1068 in a positive way.
I am assuming that I am within my rights under the first amendment to hand out informational pamphlets about this initiative. For me, this seems like the best way to represent.

We thought (in the future) we might sell seeds to other patients, give classes on what medication is right for which ailment. We have spoken to a few RN’s, one of which is a close relative and another who is a very educated cannabis healer in our local community and a friend of xCannabis (Bless up John). We also want to give classes on how to properly grow marijuana, and have different instructors give classes on different methods of growing.
But we will not start with that type of business. We will get our attorney to give it some extensive research before we start with that part of the business. But it will eventually happen.

But we have decided to support dispensaries with software, point of sale equipment, and accessories for a co-op/dispensary retail business. Our company Emerald Sun Inc. will be on the signage and the business license.. This company represent many sides of our artistic and business creations.
We will do retail sales of goods that we have made, such as patchwork clothing, our TM “Dope Duffel” padded bag, t-shirts, and novelties. In the back we will make custom ordered shirts, hats, shoes, whatever. We specialize in both business and personal products and we have been at it for 7 years now. My wife as ran for several years with me, and we have ran together for almost 8 years now.

We believe our hard work, and work ethics will reflect well on the cannabis community, and may help some get over stupid stereotypes of cannabis consumers being lazy and careless. We will also be able to show how productive, average people support this initiative (I-1068).
Medical marijuana money makers

We work hard, and we pay our bills. We aren’t rich, we aren’t poor. But we sure as hell are not lazy, careless people.
There is no reason why cannabis consumers should be feared, or chastise.


Thanks I-1068 for the inspiration. We will announce more information about our intentions soon.
We are going to incorporate a way to sponsor NORML for the next few months too, in celebration of our grand opening.
Proceeds of the sponsorship will go to WA NORML.

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